Friday’s Rescue Foundation, Groton, Connecticut


If your heart has already melted by looking at these two beauties, you know how we felt when we visited Friday’s Rescue Foundation in Groton, Connecticut.  Our Adventure Of A Lifetime’s latest stop was Connecticut, and we decided to pick Friday’s Rescue Foundation as this state’s rescue organization to highlight.  We were thrilled that they showed such hospitality to us and allowed us an inside look at how they help the animals in their community.  We decided to start our visit by “hounding them” and learning a bit more about what they do.

According to their website, they are a nonprofit organization based in South Eastern Connecticut. They have dozens of adoptable dogs that are looking for homes and are sure that they can find the right dog for you.



Many of the dogs that they rescue are old, injured, abused and sick. But that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t make a wonderful companion and pet for an adopter.  In fact, the love and appreciation that they show often make them the best pets of all.


They provide medical care, medication and love to help these “under dogs” get back on their feet. The staff that welcomed us to Friday’s Rescue Foundation did not try and hide their love and concern for all of their dogs.  From knowing exactly where they liked to be scratched, and giving them their favorite treats, these dogs looked at them full of thanks.


Adoptions are what keep them moving and of course enable them to help more dogs.  We were told that in the past year and a half they have been able to adopt out over 200 dogs. Is this an easy task?  As we went “behind the scenes”, we saw how much work this takes.  We were humbled.


But even though their success is apparent, they have some residents that have been with them unfortunately for over three years like Tina Turner.

“Tina Turner is a low key adult female shepherd/chow chow mix; she is about 11 years old. She loves to run around outside in the yard and lay in her pool. Tina needs to be the only dog in the household, but loves all people and loves to have her belly scratched. Tina is spayed, up to date on shots, and microchipped.”



It is our hopes that by this story, you will spread the word not only about this great rescue, but dogs like Tina Turner who are great dogs, but may need that “special” adopter willing to put in the time and effort for them. Also, Sissy and Nick have been long time residents as well.  Is your heart melting again?  Us too. Interested in any of these great dogs?  Visit their pet gallery!



Friday’s Rescue Foundation has not given up on dogs like Tina, Nick or Sissy.  In fact, they are proud that they can give so many dogs the opportunity at life.  They have a great network of volunteers who organize events, help out at the shelter, go on TV and radio appearances…all to make a difference in every way that they can.


This rescue is fortunate who have a great staff which cares. Truly cares.  But in order to keep helping, they need more volunteers, donations and of course adopters.  If you are in the Connecticut area and can help in person, or if you are anywhere in the world and your heart has been touched by this amazing rescue, visit their website to learn more.  Thank you to Friday’s Rescue Foundation for allowing us to learn about you and your dogs and cats who will forever remain in our hearts.

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