One Day At A Time

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I am writing this blog to you today, not knowing what is happening with our family and friends in our Florida place during the Hurricane.

I offered to give up all of my pancakes for a week if everyone is ok.  So if that happens, I am going to be one hungry boy. Hard to believe that I could give up pancakes.  But if that happens, I will definitely be taking one day a a time.  Sometimes, that is all that you can do.  And sometimes, that is a lot.

Our Florida place hasn’t been the only one with storms and disasters the past few weeks. Other countries and other states have had their share of trouble.  For me, trouble is sure trouble.  Anything that takes the smiles away from my persons faces makes me spring into action.  I spring into action to help them by just being there.  I am sure you know the feeling if you have furkids too.


But in times like this, the persons get overwhelmed worrying about the “what if’s”.  They must have watched newspeople looking at maps and spaghetti models for days.  That was their first mistake.  A pancake model would be much more reliable.  Also, a dog verses a weather person would be more realiable. Just sayin.

Lessons are sometimes learned for people during the hardest times.  Girl Person and Boy Person for example, left all of our belongings in a storage unit back in that Florida place when we started this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And now, well, everything could be gone anyway.  They said that they should have just not held onto anything in the first place.  So? Lesson learned.  Have we needed any of that stuff this past year or so?  Sure haven’t. If I would have had any pancakes in there, they most likely would be stale anyway.


This hurricane also reminded them of the importance to live your best life now.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, because things could change tomorrow.  Friends may not be in your tomorrow or family.  You may have good health today, but not tomorrow.  And so today is important.  Everyone has their idea of what a good day is.  Appreciate the ones you have with the ones that you love.


We always have to remember too that someone else may have a harder day than us.  But when we are going thru hard times, isn’t that so hard to remember?  That is what the persons told me.  They said that the people who lost everything on the islands during the hurricane surely would not care about a storage unit like us, or the trouble of cleaning up after this mess.  Perspective is something that dogs have…because we can see what is important to us in the moment.  Moments are what makes up life.  Not tragedy.

So whatever this day brings for our Florida place, we will handle it.  We love our Florida place.  It is where Girl Person and Boy Person grew up.  It is where they saved me and Brickle’s lives.  And we are sad.  But we have to keep going.  We have to.

We have many decisions right now.  We are deciding where to live and where we are going to go as this trip draws to a close.  But the beauty of that is we have the opportunity to make a choice.  Some people’s choices will be taken away by this storm.  One day at a time is all that we can do right now, and so many of you are there too.  Let’s try our best to make each day have some happy in it.  Whether that is an extra pancake or an extra slice of pizza or even an extra hug from your furkid.  We can do this together.  One day at a time.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Vicki Logan currier

    Prayers your family and friends are all good I heard for my son and his family all good I’m so sorry for what your going through but keep the way your thinking sweetheart and you have each other and all of us out there on FB love and many blessings too you all

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