Where’s The Lighthouse?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Today is not Friday, but today is a great day, just like every day can be a great day.

But what if you are on the wrong path, because you aren’t following the lighthouse?  Where’s the lighthouse?  We wondered that too yesterday as we were trying to find it thru the California fog

One of the most beautiful lighthouses was nowhere to be seen, but we knew it was there.

We saw a light flicker here and there.  We knew that there must be sunny days around here at some point, but it wasn’t today. Or the day before.  Or the day before that. Yet, that seemed to be ok for all of us, because the beauty was still there…we could feel it.  Kind of like when you know there are pancakes at a restaurant you drive by.  You know they are there. And it is quite comforting.


But some days, does it feel like you can’t find your path? We felt that way yesterday, because first, we couldn’t even find where to walk.  We ended up in patches of sand spurs and weeds.


And we wondered if the foggy view was even worth it.  Girl Person says that is how she has felt lately.  She knows that we are near the end of this trip, but we have no idea where our path is going to lead us.

I’m a lonely lighthouse, not a ship out in the night. I’m watching the sea.
She’s come halfway round the world to see the light and to stay away from me.
There is a shipwreck lying at my feet, some weary refugee from the rolling deep.
Ah, could you lose it all and fall for me?

Our view seems foggy and it has been hard for her to see the good things around us, even though she knows they are there.  Life can be hard for persons, I see that.  And for our persons, I will tell you the truth as a Deputy always does, they are worried.  They can feel the beauty around us, but they are foggy. And so, Sheriff Brickle and I are being their lighthouse right now.


They need us to show them that life is more than worrying.  It is seeing the good things, even if you are foggy, even if you path is hard to follow.  What is lighting your path?  Where is your lighthouse?

Couldn’t we shine? Rolling all my golden moments into one.
Like to shine like the sun for one more summer day.
Like to shine like a lighthouse for one last summer night,
flashing on, flashing, fading away.

Persons have more things to do than us dogs, but that allows us to see the things that you don’t.  Yesterday, even with the fog, we saw the cows, we saw the lighthouse in the distance finally, we saw the birds flying along their windy paths.  We all have different paths to happy.  But knowing where you are trying to go is the first step.

Well if you feel lost and lonely and don’t know where to go
and you hear this song on the radio,
or even if you’re feeling healthy and strong, you might like to sing along.

Did we ever reach the lighthouse yesterday? No, we didn’t. The fog was too heavy and the cliffs were too steep.  Some days may be like that too, and you have to regroup and start again tomorrow.  Our tomorrow starts today…foggy or not.  So. Where’s the nearest IHop?  That is where my path is leading me.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Where’s The Lighthouse?

  1. Maggie Bafalon

    I know where you are and it is so beautiful! I want to get in my car and drive there immediately. I love the Pacific! When will you come to Sonoma? After all this time, you are now close.

  2. Linda Allebach

    Just wondering, Boy and Girl Persons, if there’s such a thing like “Angie’s List” for rescue organizations. Because of course there are good ones and not so good ones, and other Persons may not be able to know which is which. Perhaps a thought for you as your current journey comes to an end and the next one begins ! Using as many of the things you’ve learned on the way and continuing to help the cause. Much luck and blessing to you all.

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