Live Like A Dog!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. What a place Washington is!! It has so many different parts to it like the parts of a pancake. You say a pancake doesn’t have parts?  I disagree. Actually, the best part of a pancake is when its in my mouth. But Seattle was another part of this Washington place that we got to see yesterday on this Adventure Of A Lifetime. And the persons? They were so happy about getting to go to a market that sold all kinds of vegetables, fruits and flowers. But the sea beans they bought? What. Are. Those.


They got to eat all kinds of food and walk around for a little bit. Sheriff Brickle and I aren’t doing so good with big cities right now, so we got to take the morning off. But don’t worry, we got lots of presents after.

The persons say that the more we try to complicate life, the more crowded it gets. You forget about the simple things like fresh food and flowers.


You forget about actually living life and not rushing to get from point A to point B and watching the clock.


Oftentimes, people save for, and plan their whole life for the day when they can retire and enjoy these simple things. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that.  But..what about now? What will it take for you to notice today? What will it take for you to see the simple things and not pass them by? When will you learn to live like a dog? Are you watching your dog? Take a lesson. No, don’t pee on that tree. Unless you want to.


Dogs know how to enjoy food…I do for sure. We know how to live simply. We don’t need much to get by. If you actually watch your dog, will you learn?

As the end of this trip draws near, we have definitely learned a few lessons. We have saw things we will never forget, good and bad. One of the biggest lessons we have learned is that we actually don’t need much to survive. We also learned how wasteful we had been most of lives, throwing away things we could reuse. Now, we are repurposing things to make them new, and how grateful we are to have the basic necessities in life! And we want to show you how we plan to live after this trip. It is going to be very different than before. Because we are different than before.


So the persons have decided that each week, we will be showing you how we plan to live this simpler, happier, healthier and more grateful lifestyle. We call this the…


That may include showing you videos of recipes we are making for dogs, or people or both, or how we repurpose items we find or that have been thrown away into things we can use and enjoy! The videos may include places we go, near or far, how we travel, and how dogs are part of the family in every way.  It may just be videos of things that make us happy or inspire us.  And by sharing, we hope that inspires you.

Animal rescue will always be a part of our day.  And so each week, even after this trip, we will be highlighting animals from across the country and the people that work so hard to save them!

Above all, we will be showing you how a real family can enjoy life’s simpler but most important things! How you can live like a dog…like us.

I think it is important in life to have something to look forward to. And it is my wish everyday when I wake up that my pancake plate will be full. I have a pancake plate? I actually don’t, but as I was writing, I thought of it. Maybe the persons can find me one at a yard sale or just turn an old tire into one. That should be big enough.

Today, we are back on the road again to a place called Sequim, Washington. We have not seen the ocean in months. And we are so excited about it! We will also be visiting a rescue next week too! Are you ready? Let’s go!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Do you have a suggestion on content for the 2 Traveling Dogs Lifestyle Pawject?  Is there a recipe you would like Girl Person to make for the dogs or people, or an item you would like to see Boy Person make?  Comment below, and let’s all be involved in living a better life!  


One thought on “Live Like A Dog!

  1. Jacqueline

    Awesome idea, family!!!!! I am so excited FOR you and WITH you!!!! Yay!!!! I can’t wait for delicious recipes and hopefully, learning how to fix and re-use things!!! Great idea!!!!

    P.S. Girl Person, Killer hat, for real, and pickle juice is good for the digestive tract, I use it if I don’t have Apple Cider Vinegar for my tummy issues!!!! Love you all!!! xoxoxoxo

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