This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Well, here we are at another camp in Washington near a place called Seattle! Seattle? What is Seattle?

I am a Deputy. Also a pancake connoisseur. But I am no history buff. Sheriff Brickle is buff. Not. Bahaha!


Although I am not a history buff, I can certainly appreciate culture and good food and Seattle seems to have all of that.

So it seems I am going to like that today as we explore. Girl Person is pretty excited! She isn’t a city girl, not one bit. And we are not city dogs. Not. One. Bit. But sometimes, it is nice to see a lot of people rushing around in a city. Actually, it’s not. Did I say that out loud? But yeah, we are looking forward to Seatlle, I swear. Not actual cuss words, but a law enforcement swear.

As we left the country area yesterday in Silver Creek Washington, we took a few pictures at camp with a tree we had looked at for days and admired. Brickle was real excited to take these pictures too.


We were going to miss it here. We didn’t admire it as much as Brickle admires himself, but you get the point. And as we looked at that tree and planned for the trip ahead, the persons gazed upon its roots. So many roots, so much life. We wondered how many people had roots here in this place. We wondered what their stories were and what made them want to stay here. We wondered who had lived here years ago too. I wondered if they had a special pancake recipe. This Washington place is beautiful.  And it can really make you think.  Even the trees inspire.

We also thought of where we would be planting our roots after this trip is over. And the persons have been searching day and night for somewhere to stay in that Sonoma, California place. Somewhere to park our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV or a tiny house to live in while we fix the RV and plan the rest of our year. But like many things on this trip for the persons, it is taking a lot of work to make things happen. I would help, but I have a sleep and eating quota to do. And the persons are finding it hard to worry because they are enjoying the last few weeks of this trip. At least there will be alot of wine for them when we get there.


Where will we plant our roots? We have no idea yet. But we know we need watered and rest for a little while standing still. Seeing these tree roots help us to remember that we may like to wander and travel, but staying in one place for a bit will help us to grow, to really find out what we want to do next in our lives. And as long as we have each other, and pancakes, I will be happy. But will you stay with us on our life’s journey?

I hope I know the answer to that. And I hope you’ll be coming to Seattle with us today. Are you ready?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Roots.

  1. Diane

    Where ever you end up after your ‘Adventures of a Lifetime”, I ll be sure to follow. Been with you since day one.

  2. Meghan Sugrue

    There are a couple of KOA campgrounds that are very nice. Enjoy my old stomping grounds as I lived in Sonoma County for many years .

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