Every Breath We Take.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Here we are, at our second Washington campsite!  And we made it without breaking down and without getting lost.

Things just might be looking up, but I am afraid to say it out loud, so I will just type it. Typing things is pretty easy.  I guess that is why persons like to text on their phone all day long, which makes no sense when they could talk on it, but I will save that speech for another day.  I have no time for that.  I actually do, but I won’t.  Another thing that makes no sense that I don’t have time to talk about, but I will?  When Girl Person told me people used to share phone lines and it was called a party line, but there was no party.  When in the world was she born, anyway?  I know I am getting off track.  But seriously.


Anyways! When you change campsites as much as we do, you are bound to get a bit protective of your space.  Actually, we were a bit protective of our space long before this trip in all honesty, and a Deputy must be honest.  But when other campers pass by our campsite, it seems that all pancake flying breaks loose. At least, that is what I picture in my head when we do the campsite menace flip out.


Most camps say that barking dogs cannot camp there.  Or they say only small dogs can camp there.  Or dogs under 40 pounds. Or they say dogs with good manners who will not steal pancakes and or peanut butter cookies can camp there.  And I will tell you this, we are none of those things.  Talk about that on your party line.


In fact, we are quite the opposite.  And as some campers wearing plaid shirts walked by our campsite home yesterday, we decided we didn’t like it.  They didn’t have a dog or five dogs, first of all. They also did not have pancakes.  And the next campers?  They were just walking too slow.  The ones after that?  They looked at us.  And so, as all of these suspicious people took a gander at us, we heard the last ones say, “those dogs are a menace”.  Well, yeah.  We are.  There’s nothing to see here. Move along.  I just peed on the picnic table.  Talk about that on your party line.


Girl Person has learned about two things on this trip so far.  Number one?  Expect the unexpected.  Number two?  Do not trust the Sheriff and Deputy.  So as she babysits us now outside as we are leashed with four leashes each to the picnic table, she listens to our every breath.  Every breath we take.  She watches every move we make.

But a menace?  I am not even going to deny it.  If your dog likes to bark, newsflash.  Your dog is a dog.  If your dog likes to protect things, newsflash.  Your dog is a dog.  If your dog doesn’t like everyone or everything he sees, newsflash.  Your dog is a dog.  And I am a bit over people expecting dogs to act like people as much as I am over the fact maple syrup cannot be poured over everything and the fact that people don’t talk on phones.

Girl Person has learned that she cannot expect us to act like she wants us to all of the time.  She has learned that we are individuals and will act the way we want to act at any given moment.  Does she still watch us?  Yes.  Because she says you have to be courteous and not a menace.  What did she say to those campers that called us a menace? She simply gave them the dirtiest look this side of Washington.  And they moved along.  Maybe they will call someone on their party line and tell them about it.

Today, we will be relaxing at our lakeside campground!  But tomorrow, look for our adventures to some pretty amazing Washington sites!

This is going to be an awesome week!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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5 thoughts on “Every Breath We Take.

  1. No dog is a menace! You simply act on your instincts. I prefer barking dogs over loud people anytime! I will share that on the party line. I wish I could send you a stack of pancakes and some maple syrup!

  2. Rose

    If only people could be as good as dogs, it would be a better world. It surely would be more honest and you wouldn’t have to read between the lines. I too prefer dogs to people.

  3. Karen Hampton

    Deputy, I’m of the thinking that some ‘people’ are a menace!!! I personally prefer dogs over MOST humans. And, yes, I’ll spread that thought on the old party line!! Enjoy your day & safe travels ❤️😘

  4. Jeannie Russell

    I cannot wait for you guys to go another campsite where a dog can be a dog know what I mean boys???! I love it when girl person writes all about your adventures!! Hey boys ask girl person can stream in Downward Dog.. it is the cutest, funniest comedy…& guess what the doggie is Martin & he is about your size & he tells the viewers what he is thinking!!!!! So cute & finally a spokesperson or spokesdoggie!!!!!!

  5. Margaret

    You are 100% right Deputy Digby! I really don’t understand why people think their dogs are four legged people!

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