One Flower Or Two Or A Million?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I’m not often told that I smell like a flower. Unless I am standing by a flower.

And when you stand by a flower, it makes you wonder. How many flowers can you smell at one time? I wonder about this.

A flower is pretty and beautiful. Sometimes it has bees in it, and you better leave it for the bees because they need the flowers.

But as Sheriff Brickle and I stood by the pretty flowers yesterday, first, Brickle was wondered who was prettier. Him or the flowers. And then I wondered. How many flowers do you need to smell the fragrance? One? Two? A million? How many does it take for you?

Because you may think a flower is pretty. But do you notice just one? Or does it take a million for you to stop? I would anticipate your answer to be somewhere in between. And while you are thinking of the answer, I’ll pee on a few of the flowers. Or trees. Or whatever.  I’m not choosy.


You see, the world we live in is set up to distract us. And we don’t see the beautiful things often unless we stop and concentrate. Concentration is hard for me. But if I think something is important enough, I stop. Do you stop?

So notice the pretty things today. Here in this Florida place, we are feeling the beauty, the sunshiney and appreciating where we are at the moment.  And you can better believe that if there is a flower to be smelled, I will find it. Whether it is one flower or two or a million.


See how much prettier the world smells. Unless I am there. And then I can’t guarantee that.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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