Brickle Is The Biggest Moose In Montana

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Montana?  For over three days, I have waited.  And I have waited some more.  And I have waited again for this moose to grow that I spent all of my allowance on…a whole pancake which I only took one bite out of, and $3.

And I am wondering.  What happened?  Why is this thing so slow? Add water it said.

It will grow to 600% it said. Give it three days it said.  You. Have. One. More. Day. Moose. Fred. Whatever your name is.


If Sheriff Brickle was a moose, this is what he would do.


He would refuse to grow just like his corn dog tail refused to grow.  And he would also pretend to be growing, but in fact not. He would definitely be an angry moose.

I think in fact that he IS an angry moose.  Why?

1. Moose are huge.  Sheriff Brickle’s attitude? Huge as Montana’s sky.

2. Moose eat a lot.  There is not peanut butter cookie that is safe in Montana or elsewhere.

3. Their antlers are used to fight.  Well, let me tell you this.  If Sheriff Brickle had antlers on his ill proportioned head, which in fact has a big knob on it, the public would not be safe.  Arrests are made often and a dog with antlers is just looking for a fight.

4. Moose have heavy bodies with spindly legs.  Ok. Need I say more?

The grizzly bear may be the state of Montana’s official animal.  But I think they need to change it to a Sheriff Brickle Moose.  What is scarier?  I think nothing.  Wake him up too early.  Angry moose.  Go to bed too late.  Angry moose.  Everything that happens in-between? Angry moose.


So.  I guess we will wait and see today if this moose is actually going to grow like it says.  Just like Sheriff Brickle, it likes to make you wait.  And in reality, after watching all of these moose videos, maybe it is better if we don’t have to have him in the RV.  There isn’t enough room for all this attitude.  But seriously. Can I get my money back for this thing?


So. Itinerary?  Mr. Moose, aka Sheriff Brickle has informed me that today we will be staying put in Montana as a big storm is coming thru.  Then, Wednesday, we start our trek to Washington!  With or without a giant moose, we will see!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Yesterday, we visited the good folks at Animeals No Kill Adoption Center and Food Bank in Missoula, Montana.  They have wonderful animals up for adoption in addition to feeding many needy and hungry animals.  Meet Sway who may be disabled, but has so much life and love still to give! Find out more about them at

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  1. Jacqueline

    I love your blog, my favorite part of the day, even if I’m a few days late!!! Hilarious!!!! Be safe family, love you all!!! xoxoxoxxo <3

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