Come Monday

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  How was everyone’s week?  This Montana place has been treating us good.  Except for a little rain yesterday, all was well in our world.  All was beautiful.

Have you ever been in the presence of something so pretty that it doesn’t seem real? And I am not talking about Sheriff Brickle.

When I am in a place like Montana, it sure makes me miss that Florida place.  I remember family and friends that are still there.  And I wonder if they miss us too.  It seems like we have been gone forever and a day.  I guess it has been a year and a few weeks so far.  No one has ever accused us of finishing anything on time. No one has ever accused us of taking professional pictures either.  Good thing that is our look.


It makes me wonder why, when we are in places that we love the most, that it seems to be the time we miss people the most.  And then I figured it out.  We wish that they were here with us to see these things.  We wish they could smell the fresh air of Montana, feel the sunshiney breezes and gaze upon the snow capped mountains.


Sometimes, you just have to give into your feelings.  Like when you are craving pancakes, you gotta do it.  And so I decided that it was ok I that I miss my family and friends for a little while.  Come Monday, it’ll be alright.  Because I will have thought of all the things I am going to tell them when we see them again.

We have a lot to do this weekend like see more of Montana, wash clothes so the persons can have pants, and we are trying to find some huckleberries! Huckleberries?  I have no clue what those are.  But I hear you can make a pie.  And put them in pancakes.  And it is rumored that Girl Person may make us something with them this weekend…oh, Montana.  Did I say that I love you already?  I will say it again.

Every state that we have visited so far on this Adventure Of A Lifetime has taught us something. Every rescue we have visited has taught us something. All 44 of them so far. And Montana has made us all stop and think.  Because it seems that the more nature talks to you, the more you hear your inside voice telling you what you need to hear.  You also have to read.  That’s very important.


Trying to figure out what comes after this trip in a few months is exhausting.  And the persons just can’t make a decision right now.  So Montana?  Come Monday, we will get back to thinking and make a visit to Animeals Adoption Center and Animal Food Bank in Missoula. They have cats like Lucky who have been at the shelter for over 800 days!  She has to get a home!

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But Montana? We will be here till Tuesday, and until then, we are gonna enjoy what you have to offer, but also, we are going to let ourselves miss our Florida place.  Because we have a lot to tell them and I have to remember it all.  I don’t think they have huckleberries there though. That might be a deal breaker.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Barbara Sevrens

    Your stories are wonderful and the scenery is magnificent. Don’t know What else to say.enjoy your time and eventually you guys will know where to settle down.

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