Headed Down The Highway. But Where?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I am always looking for adventure. Actually, not really. I am always looking for my bed.


Yesterday, we were back on the road yet again.

This Montana place is big. Real big. Almost as big as Sheriff Brickle’s attitude, but not quite. And after his last arrest, he was tired. So the trip yesterday seemed long. Because it was long. However, we finally arrived near Glacier National Park. And today is the day we get to see it.  They just cleared the roads of snow and the persons said we are going up some road to the sun.

As long as we aren’t driving down the highway in the Big Blue Treat Wagon today, we are all happy campers.  Enough is enough.


Fans have been asking us what comes after this trip.

And we wonder what it will feel like when we are no longer headed down the highway, because we can’t remember what it was like not to be on it! What will we do when we don’t have any more states? Where are we going to live? Where will I put my bed? I have many questions that the persons don’t even have answers for yet. And when you are tired, and wore out, things and decisions seem even more complicated.

I’m not one to tattle, but I am on Wednesdays.  And the conversations that are going on about our future are wearing me out.  There seems to be a lot on the table other than pancakes for our future after this trip.

First thing I heard? Remember, it’s Wednesday, so tattling aOK.

The possibility of moving to Italy.  Italy?  I don’t bark Italian. But Girl Person seems to love it there.  But move there? No way Brickle and I will ride in cargo on a plane. We are too big to go in the plane as we don’t fit under the seat.  And the persons don’t think we are up to that.  Villa in Italia?  Guess it has to wait.

Then.  Next plate on the table.  California wine country.  You may remember we lived in Sonoma from 2011-2012 when this whole blog started during our move.  And you may remember too the reason we had to move back to the Florida place.  The persons think it takes a lot of money to live there.  But still thinking.  Maybe.  Maybe. Our hearts have been there since we left.  Could we find a little house to redo? Could we park the RV on a piece of land and just wing it? We don’t know.

Then. Sheriff Brickle suggested that Alaska place because he thought maybe it was something we should see and now would be the time to see it.  But could the RV make it there?  Could we?  It was a plate passed at the table. A cold one for sure.

Then, what about that Florida place? Our family. Our friends.  The orange grove.  The water.  And when our old neighbor sent us a morning picture of the orange grove this week, we shed a few tears.  And that plate was definitely passed at the table.


There’s one thing I know better than Boy Person. There’s one thing I know better than Girl Person. And there’s one thing I know better than Sheriff Brickle for sure. Things have a way of working out. There was a time when we didn’t know what to do in that Florida place. We wanted a simpler way of life, and we wanted to enjoy things more. But we did not know how to go about it. So instead of sitting around waiting for things to change, we changed our course. And that course found itself to a place and a life we had never thought of. A year in a RV visiting rescues? Who would do that? Definitely not us. But we did. A fan posted a picture the other day of the states we have visited.  And Girl Person stopped for a moment.  Were people actually paying attention to our journey? Sometimes, it doesn’t seem real.


Because we are so busy trying to outrun the rain, the snow, trying to find rescues to visit and trying to keep this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and Jeep going, it is hard to find any time to figure out what plate to pass at our table.  But we actually have no table, because it was made into a dog bed. So on days like today, when we are headed to one of the most beautiful places in the country, it is time to stop sitting at the table and just go.

Sometimes, you have to hope that your new course will find you. We are waiting! Does that course lead to any pancakes? Or a bed? Or a pancake bed? I hope so. Wherever that may be.

So did I give you any answers?  Obviously no.  But obviously, we have to finish this trip and it starts with today.  Montana? Let’s do this! You are too awesome to be wasting our time worrying.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Many fans ask us how we deal with all the dirt of being on the road, not to mention fleas!  We use ONE thing. And ONE thing only. Girl Person even uses it to clean the RV, and Boy Person uses it to shower!  Did we mention as well that 4-Legger generously donates to every rescue we visit? Stop by their Facebook page and “like” them today!



2 thoughts on “Headed Down The Highway. But Where?

  1. Peggy

    My husband and I sold our home last year (we live in Colorado and it was a great time to make a killing in real estate!!). We bought a 41 ft 5th wheel and moved to a wonderfully quiet and peaceful town 40 miles NE of Denver. We have 2 labs living with us too. The economy is great here and any type of work you can imagine is available. The furkids seem to enjoy it as much as we do! 🙂 Best decision we ever made. Consider the RV lifestyle, I highly recommend it. (And that’s after 13 months!!) No taxes, no HOAs, none of the stress. The RV Park we live in includes water, sewer & electric so bills have become minimal.

  2. Jacqueline

    Enjoy, Family, you deserve it! And yes, we do pay attention and love you all like our little family!!! It will all work out, Digby, worrying never solves anything, and I’m sure, just like a miracle, that when the trip is over you will have all figured it out!!! Love you!!! xoxoxoxoxxo <3

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