In Her Pocket

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, Utah, you probably already know that you are on the verge of getting arrested from yesterday’s antics. Rain. Then snow. Snow. We are from that Florida place. Do you think we love snow? No.

Now, sometimes, you put up with certain things when someone is really good looking. You know, like me. And Utah, you are certainly good looking as well. Which is the only reason I have not arrested you as of yet. You bring out my brindle beauty and coat of many colors. And so I am giving you a few more days to make it up to us.


If you wanted to make it up to us, you started off on the right track by allowing us to drive thru another one of your National Parks called Arches National Park.

Again, your beauty was making me look even better.  But then you started raining.  And raining some more.  And we were cold.  Real cold.  And tired.  But I couldn’t go to sleep because there was too much to look at.  I know that is how everyone feels about me too.  Point taken.

But after our long day of driving thru snow and rain, it was time for dinner and a walk.  Girl Person made our chicken and green bean dinner which I thought was pretty brave on her part again, and then it was time to take a walk next to the Green River.  Which again made me think of grean beans.  Oh, Digby.


As she reached in her pocket for some dog bags, she remembered that she had left some dog treats in her pocket.  And then, all of a sudden, she started crying.  And I was utterly confused as to why dog treats could make someone cry.  Bad dog treats, yes.  But good ones?  What was the problem?

Girl Person explained to me that in her pocket were memories.  She explained to me that her Pappy used to carry dog treats in his pocket. All. The. Time.  And he used to sing to her a song, which she remembered all of a sudden standing at the Green River in Utah.  And that was far from her memories back home.

Girl Person told me that for years, no one could figure out why so many dogs loved him and ran up to him for no reason.  Oh, but there was a reason. Dog treats. In his pocket. She said that sometimes memories can come out of nowhere and make you remember things that you try to push back.  And something as small as dog treats in her pocket made her feel too much.  Made her realize that the further away she gets from home, it just doesn’t matter.  Memories go with you wherever you are.  Miles don’t matter.  And even though her Pappy hasn’t been here for years, even before she lost Granny Person, it is like he is still with her. Even at the Green River in Utah.

Now, one thing I will say about dogs is that we like to live in the moment.  It is not often that we remember the bad things, especially if there is so much good happening now.  And that is what I want Girl Person to know. Dog treats in her pocket are good.  Very good.  They make her remember her Pappy who she loved.  They make dogs happy. And my suggestion is that she always have some in her pocket.  Memories go with you everywhere.  And the good ones…are well….good.  And instead of remembering what you may have lost, just for right now, remember what you had.  And carry it with you.  Don’t try and forget them. Also, make sure Digby doesn’t know what you have in your pocket. He will never leave you alone.

Today, we are headed towards Salt Lake City, Utah, so back on the road again.  Are you coming?  We have plenty of treats in our pockets!

Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waitin’ ’round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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5 thoughts on “In Her Pocket

  1. Iris

    Love the song and the memory and Pappy.
    I take memories out and look at them like travel brochures I have saved of favorite places and people I will visit again.

  2. Karen Jaeger

    Water and memories travel the same stream in this dream of life and can well up at any trigger symbol – for me, father, pockets, water, huckleberry, song. My “pop” had change in his pockets that I would sometimes pilfer (when he was in the shower) for the summer ice cream truck. He was from the U.P. of MI where wild thimbleberries grow and taste deliciously different from any other berry. He’s been gone 14 years but I can imagine him singing his favorite song, You Are My Sunshine as he drove through Arches with me and now you and your lovely pack as memories exist and co-exist in the land of no time.

  3. Brenda MacDonald

    Girl person….I just randomly cry when I think of my Daddy also. He’s been gone 13 years.
    It’s a good cry, cuz they are good memories!

  4. Karen Hampton

    Dang, it MUST be allergies!!! My eyes are watering like CRAZY….kind of clogging my THROAT, too… chicken & green beans are stuck there!!! But, you are SO RIGHT, my Huckleberry friend….MEMORIES travel with you your entire life…..and even though some bring the tears, I’ve found that following the ‘memory trail’, often leads back to a funny memory moment…..ant THAT is how the Person, Place, Pets live ON……in our hearts & memories in our brains, our life experiences. Love you all & may sunny days, little storms & NO BARF be ahead in your journey of a LIFETIME …doing a WORLD OF GOOD….👍🏼😘🐶🐺❤️🌈🍷🌞

  5. Jacqueline

    Oh Sheriff, what a beautiful blog. I’m not crying, you are! I’ve got something in my eye!! This whole blog brought back so many memories for me as well. I feel like Girl Person and I would be friends, under different circumstances. So many likenesses!!! My Grandpops was the same way, and the same song he played all the time too! And what a gorgeous park, amazing!!! Oh, and Handsome Sheriff, Digby had that precious picture yesterday, today you win the internet with your astoundingly handsome tongue-out picture as well!!! Adorable, you handsome devil, you!!! Much love to you all, safe travels, thanks for another beautiful lesson today! Have a glorious day!!! xoxoxoxxox

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