Like A Tall Drink Of Water

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Here we are. In the desert.  Somewhere in Texas.


And we found an oasis of sorts.  No, not the springs here in Balmorhea.

But me.  Me.  I am an oasis.  And Texas?  You. Are. Welcome. You ordered a tall drink of water.  And I am exactly what you ordered.



When you are in the middle of the desert, and you see all the beautiful things there, you also see how hot it can be in Texas.  We thought we knew hot.  Oh, we did not know it very well.  You look around and wonder how all of the wildlife can survive and how harsh it can be on them.  But then you realize that they were meant to live here and they love it.  Doesn’t mean they don’t get thirsty though. And that is why I am here.  A sight for sore eyes?  It is part of what I do.

Now. You may not think of me as tall when you first look at me.  But let me tell ya.  I am as tall as I am long and I do not accentuate both at the same time.  Because you would pass out from the oasis that I am providing you and that would not serve a purpose.  Like a tall drink of water, I am what ya need.  And Texas?  You. Are. Welcome.

When I saunter by the campers here in Texas, I hear “look at that tall drink of water”. And I am happy that I could do a good job here in Texas of looking good.  But like any tall drink of water, it eventually runs dry.  And we have been here in this Texas place so long, that the people in New Mexico are getting thirsty too.  And so on we must go today.  Another road trip thru the desert is calling our name.

So are you going to come along?  We will get to our first New Mexico location today if all goes well.  And then we will be there until Friday when we head to the Santa Fe area.  Next week will be our rescue visit, and I hear they are thirsty too.  They need to put in their order now though.  There is only so much water to go around. Wait. Who am I fooling?  I am enough handsome for everyone.


-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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2 thoughts on “Like A Tall Drink Of Water

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  2. Barbara

    We are so glad you came to Texas but this is NOT hot. This is Spring. Come back in August if you want to see hot!

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