Pulling. And Pulling Together.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a great time we are having in this Texas place so far!  As you know, I always see the world through pancake colored glasses.  But this Texas place?  You are surprising us.


When we planned our Texas rescue stop at the Humane Society Of Central Texas in Waco, we forgot about that show that they film here.  You know the one.  People fix up other people’s houses.  I hear that some people have houses not on wheels.  Imagine that.


Well, for some reason, Girl Person got really excited about seeing some silos where they film this TV show.

Did I mention that we don’t even have a TV?


Anyway, sometimes the people want to do some strange things and go to some strange places, and me and Sheriff Brickle don’t put up a fight.  Unless you call putting up a fight pulling Girl Person all over the place in big crowds of people, knocking down flowers, trying to pee on every object, and generally trying to be regular dogs.  We do that?  I guess we do.  And I guess when we did the live video yesterday at the Magnolia Market, we got called out on it.  Glad we could entertain you!

But here is the deal.  We are real.  You can never accuse us of being fake, that is for sure.  Are we graceful? Nope.  Are we well behaved? Nope and nope.  Did we almost get thrown out for scaring a german shepherd meandering in our path at the market? Yep and yep.  Also.  Did we offend a little girl by not letting her pet us when she called Brickle a grump, bad dog?  Oh, you know it.  But we had a great time, and felt even better about our visit when we found out that the Fixer Upper people actually do so much for the animals in their town by adopting, by donating to the Humane Society here and even paying for adoption fees in the past. We may have been pulling Girl Person all over the place, but this place in Waco, Texas is really pulling together for their animals.  And it made us feel real good.  Almost as good as a plate of pancakes. Almost.

So far, Texas is surprising us like many of the states on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We are happy that we will be in this Waco place until Sunday, but then we have to move on so that the persons can see wine or something in a hill country here.  Then, they have informed and briefed Sheriff Brickle that we will all be taking a few days off.  We are tired now.  Texas is state #39 though, and we only have 9 more to go. Can you believe it?  I can’t.  We still have no idea what will come after this trip, but one thing is for sure.  Every state inspires us.  Every shelter or rescue inspires us.  And although our rescue mission makes us sad sometimes when we see how big of a need there is, the people who we meet that are doing good make us keep going.  So thank you Waco.

We hope that we do good for you, the Humane Society Of Central Texas with our article and video on Sunday.  Please don’t miss it.  Also, don’t miss Girl Person’s Texas, dog friendly recipe, Saturday night at 5 p.m. CST, live on our Facebook page!

But for now, we have more to see in this Texas place.  Texas has shown us that even the second biggest state in our country can make the problem of animal homelessness better by small communities like Waco pulling together.  See? Pulling is not such a bad thing. I have said that all along! The only complaint is that I have had no pancakes so far in this Texas place. Maybe we can fix that today.  Magnolia Market?  Chip?  Joanna?  Can you fix me up a plate or five?

-Deputy Digby Pancake 

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2 thoughts on “Pulling. And Pulling Together.

  1. Jacqueline

    Haters gonna hate. What was the German Shepherd doing, I’m sure he barked too? Why didn’t the sassy little girl try to pet him and call him names? I loved the video, and you were both, as always the best boys. Love you all, safe travels to the wine country!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo <3

  2. So glad that you enjoyed your day at The Farms and I did not know that the Gaines’ help so much with the animal homeless there. Another good thing to like about them. Y’all have a good rest of the weekend and I will look forward to more of your travels.

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