We Are Digging For What? Or Who?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Sometimes, you get to a point in your life where you wonder how you got there and why.  Kinda like Girl Person with that bathtub in the Hot Springs.  Now it appears we are in a big mud pit in Arkansas.  Is it just me or should be have come here before the bath?

But here we are.  In a place that persons come to looking for what they call diamonds.  Crater Of Diamonds State Park.


Sometimes, it take a dog to state the obvious.  My name is Digby.  I dig.  Therefore, this should be what I was meant to do.  But I really don’t want to be digging for small rocks.  Are they serious about this?


Girl Person says that these rocks are important to persons to put in rings to wear or earrings or necklaces and the like.

However, it seems to me that there are a million rocks every where we go.  Oh, but no.  I am told that these are special rocks.  Special? Do they taste like pancakes?


I am still confused about the necessity of doing this.  So Girl Person explained that the more carats the diamond has, the more we need to find them.  Carrots?  I absolutely hate carrots.  Not tasty, not pancakes.  Nope.

Then Boy Person mentioned that we were also looking for other gems.  Jims?  There are persons in here we need to find named Jim?  Why are Jims and carrots here in this mud pit? What if we find someone with another name?  Do we have to put them back?  What if we find broccoli instead of carrots?  What about a Dave with a head of lettuce? This is ridiculous.

So there.  That’s going to be my day.  Digging for rocks and carrots and Jims in Arkansas, but not broccoli, lettuce or Dave.  The persons won’t take no for answer and have enlisted my help.  Sheriff Brickle is going to sit back and wait for Jim to get found so that he can arrest him.  Because all of this is a waste of our time.  What’s NOT a waste of time? Checking out the adoptable dogs from our Oklahoma picked rescue this week.  So scroll down below to meet Colonel and Major.  A pair that needs to stay together. They are true diamonds.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Thank you today to 4-Legger Organic Shampoo, because after today, you better believe we will be getting a bath!  Visit their Facebook page for inspiration on how a bath changes everything for your dog.

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Meet Colonel and Major from Paws N Ada in Ada, Oklahoma! If you can adopt this pair, visit their page for information on how to adopt! http://www.adoptpaws.org



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  1. Jacqueline

    “A Dave with a head of lettuce”….oh Digby, don’t ever stop being you!!!!!!
    Now get to finding the Jims!!!!! Love you guys!! xoxoxoxox <3

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