In The Long Run

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a difference a week makes.  Persons worry and worry and worry some more.  If anyone has read the Deputy Digby Pancake book which doesn’t exist yet because I haven’t  written it yet, you will know that worry is a bad thing.  In the long run, we do what we think is best with the information we are given, and then you sleep on it, take another nap and eat a pancake. In the long run, it’s what you do.


The persons have had a lot to decide the past week with my Vet Person visit and what to do next.  They have asked other Vet Persons, did research, research, research and lost a lot of sleep, which is not allowed in the Deputy Digby Pancake book which doesn’t exist because I haven’t written it yet, but that would be a disclaimer not to lose any sleep reading my book.

In the long run, life is unpredictable.  Life is also short, and yes, I have heard shorter for the furkids.  I am not going to worry about this, because that is not what Deputy Digby Pancake does.  What I will do is tell you what the persons have decided for my health, but only so that you do not worry, which I know you remember is not allowed in my book which doesn’t exist yet because I haven’t written it.  In the long run, this book will be worth its weight in pancakes.  And when this diet is over, you had better believe the stack is going to be high.  A writer needs fuel to write his book which doesn’t exist yet.

After a trip to the beach yesterday, the persons decided that for now, since I am feeling very good, that we will be changing my diet to a raw diet, doing more bloodwork in two months and more tests to see if anything has changed for the better at that time.  We wanted you to know what was happening so that you do not worry.  Now.  Is this the right decision?  Is it the right decision not to put me thru more testing during our Florida break?  Is it the right decision to let me and Sheriff Brickle rest for the week remaining that we have here, get our tummies back on track and get some more rest?  Probably not the right decision to some.  But in the long run, the persons have to do what they think is best for me and the Sheriff.  And this is our family’s decision for now.


Girl Person and Boy Person love me and the Sheriff very much.  This I know for sure.  I also know that our Facebook fans love us too.  Over a million of them.  We hope that you will enjoy the week we have remaining in this Florida place with us!  It has sure felt good being home.  The Sheriff even thinks so. Even though he has been so worried about me.


We all have to make important decisions.  And I want you to know that the decision whether or not to tell you our decision was even a hard one to make.  Because we don’t know if it is the right one.  But no matter what, we are all in this together.  We feel  your love more than ever.  And I am hungry more than ever on this diet.  Who said pancakes? You did? Say it again.  I’ll write it in my book which doesn’t exist because I haven’t written it yet.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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7 thoughts on “In The Long Run

  1. Cathy Kern

    You will like the raw diet. One of my Corgis was on a raw diet and I was amazed how different her coat felt and it was so easy to maintain her weight. Deputy Digby, Corgis gain weight easily, so you are going to do great! Plus, you can change it by adding different things. Mine love blueberries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, peas, bananas, cranberries, raspberries (have to blend those because of the seeds), just about anything a dog can eat, you can put in your raw diet. I have a good feeling about you Deputy Digby.

  2. Carol Ann Peterson

    Love the pictures of Deputy Digby Pancake and The Sheriff in this blog entry! Deputy Digby looks soooooo happy splashing in the water! I want to recommend, (from personal experience with one of my dogs who has liver disease), that Deputy Digby take Milk Thistle. It was recommended by my vet for my American Cocker Spaniel who had liver disease @ age 6, and she lived to be 12 1/2! The liver is the only organ which can regenerate. So, hang in there, Deputy Digby! I’ve also done a raw diet with my liver diseased dog, and she loved it! (I gave her Stella and Chewy’s raw diet patties.) Be happy, Deputy Digby!! Love you and your brother and thank you for your wonderful daily diaries!! 🙂

  3. Chris Morrow

    You are all loved and supported in whatever you decide. We know you love “your boys” more than anything. Enjoy your remaining time in Florida with family and friends. Every day is a gift. 🐾❤🐕😘🐶😍

  4. Pam

    A raw diet might be pretty tasty! If not you can imagine each bite as a tasty pancake. I bet you could do that because you have a
    good imagination! Enjoy every day of your Florida week.

  5. Bettye Kelley

    We all do the best we can, right or wrong!! Just know we love you guys so very much! I’m glad you’re enjoying your rest in Fl. Love you bunches!!

  6. Rose Runge

    I can’t wait for the book you haven’t written yet because you haven’t written it yet. I’ll just say this….When we got the diagnosis on Babe we were told “Two weeks.”. We hugged and cried for two weeks’ but…….no one told Babe about the “two weeks.”. We then decided to take it one day at a time and gave our Babe the best next eleven months ever! We had picnics and cook outs and rolls in deer poo and ice cream cones and loved her more than ever. Yes it was 11 months and they were glorious.

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