A Peanut Butter Cookie Is Just A Peanut Butter Cookie Without My Deputy

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Yesterday was a lonely, lonely day.

Deputy Digby Pancake had to be taken to the Vet Person.  Girl Person told me that apparently Digby had some bumps that needed to be checked out and they left me and Boy Person to wait.  And wait some more.  During all that time, Boy Person tried to make me feel better with distracting me.  Well, you can’t distract a Sheriff.  Not even with peanut butter cookies.  When my brother from a different mother is gone, a peanut butter cookie is just another peanut butter cookie.  You know the only thing that made me feel better? Singing Digby’s theme song.  You heard me.  He has a theme song.


When you rescue an animal, you make our dreams come true.  Me and Deputy Digby know that our lives are different…different from animals in the shelter.  Different from animals that are not valued.  When we were rescued, and when YOU rescued your furkid, you made our dreams come true. That is a lot to be happy about. And who is the picture of happy? My brother Digby. Digby Pancake.  Deputy Digby Pancake.


I know you will be shocked at this.  But Deputy Digby means more to me than a peanut butter cookie. Deputy Digby means more to me than traveling.  More to me than our Adventure Of A Lifetime. And if he can get better, I don’t care about anything else.

Persons say when dogs get older, that things like this are expected.  Lumps and bumps and aches and pains. The persons won’t accept that.  They say that they will do anything and everything to keep us here happy as long as possible.  Isn’t that what everyone wants? Person or dog?  Sure, there are a lot of sad things in this world, but there is a lot to be happy about and enjoy too.  Every day is a gift.  You have definitely heard that before.  But take your gift and open it.  Realize that not every living thing gets a gift, another day of life like YOU have today.  Use it.

Now.  Business.  Today, my Deputy goes back to the Vet Person to get some help.  Digby has arthritis and hip issues.  And also, we have to see results of his bloodwork too to make sure those lumps are nothing to worry about.  So stick with us.  We will keep you updated all along the way and show you what is going on on our Facebook page.  Thank you all for your messages, thoughts and emails.  We haven’t had time to respond much, but know we read every single one.  I know, I know.  It’s not acceptable.  I may have to arrest myself.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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12 thoughts on “A Peanut Butter Cookie Is Just A Peanut Butter Cookie Without My Deputy

  1. Carol Ann Peterson

    Wondering how Deputy Digby Pancake is doing on this snowy Saturday here, and if any results have come back from his vet yet? Prayers are with him! My Westie and I love your boys and their blogs and adventures!! 🙂 Hug Sheriff Brickle and Deputy Digby from Becky and me, please! 🙂

  2. Patricia Moller

    You and Digby and your persons are a gift to me and a lot of other people every day and we love you all very much
    You will get good news today and be back to eating peanut butter cookies and Digby wii be eating his pancakes Lots of cuddles, kisses on your fuzzy noses, prayers and love. 🐾🐾❤️️🙏🏼

  3. Rose

    One other thing that may be useful for Digby is Deramax. It is expensive but it does work. It was another thing that we had for Babe. Just thought I’d suggest it so you could research it too. I do agree with you Sheriff, but you’re under arrest anyway. Kisses and peanut butter cookies to you all.

  4. Patricia Miser

    Saying lots of prayers for Deputy! I know he’s your buddy and your pal! The vet person will take care of him! In the meantime, you take good care of girl person, because, I know she is really worried! Much love to you!

  5. Karen Olson

    Brickle, y’all are so lucky to have such a wonderful forever family! I know that your Persons will make sure both you boys are always taken care of…y’all will have all the love y’all can handle, and the best care possible. That includes homemade food, lots of hiking and playing and baths when you need them (Digby may need more of them becuz of the stuff he likes to roll in..yuck) and going to the vets too. I know that there are a bunches of us fans that love y’all big time! And we are all with you on this leg of your adventure of a lifetime, too. Think you’re stuck with us. Lol.
    Lots of love to Digby and you, Brickle, and GP and BP, too. I would send some peanut butter cookies too but I think the will break before you had a chance to eat any.

  6. Lisa stewart

    Hoping for the best news,prognosis that you can get for your furbaby! Know that so many people feel the same way! Lots of luck and love be with y’all!

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