How Deep Is Your Love?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have a question for you today.  Wednesday.  How deep is your love?

You may think you know the answer to this question, but the depth of your love for me probably knows no bounds.  Now, imagine that you lived with me.  Can you imagine? You would not be able to control yourself from kissing me constantly, until I growled at you which in fact would make me even more irresistible.

This trip takes a lot of planning, and the persons are making sure that me and the Deputy are relaxed and comfy at this point.  Good thing, because I really don’t want to leave New Mexico today.  Why?  I’m tired.  And my agenda today was to sit outside and watch people at camp.  And so the persons decided to delay getting back on the road until Thursday when we start heading to that Arizona place.


Now. I do realize that it seems like we have been in this New Mexico place for awhile.  And yeah, we have.  But how deep is your love for me? Can you delay getting on the road for another day? Can you handle it?  I know you can.  Because you love me.  And as long as you can handle the depth of your love for me today, I can handle your annoying adoration.  Did I say that out loud?


The persons were talking this morning and remarked that there were a few places they still wanted to see in this New Mexico place, but dogs weren’t allowed at some of these places.


So, that was that.  Alpacas are not allowed either. Or goats. Then, they were trying to find a camping spot this weekend, and couldn’t find anywhere between here and Arizona that looked nice enough for me to sit outside.  So, that was that.  You see, the persons love me and the Deputy so much that they consider us first.  And although I also consider myself first, it is much appreciated when others do it too.  How deep is their love?  Deeper than Deputy Digby’s appetite for pancakes.  And that my friends is deep.

So question for today.  How deep is your love?  What do you give up for your furkids?  I know probably a lot.  But I am sure that what you get in return is more than worth it.  So sit back today and think about all the things you have gained because of putting your furkid before other stuff.  Because in the end, you probably won’t remember that restaurant you couldn’t eat at with your dog. You probably won’t remember that party you missed because you didn’t want to leave your dog at home.  But you will remember every single time you sat on the couch with your dog and ate a bowl of ice cream.  Ok, maybe I just want some ice cream.  But you get my point.  How deep is your love?  Who wants to go buy me some peanut butter brickle ice cream? You probably guessed that was my favorite.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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A Peanut Butter Cookie Is Just A Peanut Butter Cookie Without My Deputy

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Yesterday was a lonely, lonely day.

Deputy Digby Pancake had to be taken to the Vet Person.  Girl Person told me that apparently Digby had some bumps that needed to be checked out and they left me and Boy Person to wait.  And wait some more.  During all that time, Boy Person tried to make me feel better with distracting me.  Well, you can’t distract a Sheriff.  Not even with peanut butter cookies.  When my brother from a different mother is gone, a peanut butter cookie is just another peanut butter cookie.  You know the only thing that made me feel better? Singing Digby’s theme song.  You heard me.  He has a theme song.


When you rescue an animal, you make our dreams come true.  Me and Deputy Digby know that our lives are different…different from animals in the shelter.  Different from animals that are not valued.  When we were rescued, and when YOU rescued your furkid, you made our dreams come true. That is a lot to be happy about. And who is the picture of happy? My brother Digby. Digby Pancake.  Deputy Digby Pancake.


I know you will be shocked at this.  But Deputy Digby means more to me than a peanut butter cookie. Deputy Digby means more to me than traveling.  More to me than our Adventure Of A Lifetime. And if he can get better, I don’t care about anything else.

Persons say when dogs get older, that things like this are expected.  Lumps and bumps and aches and pains. The persons won’t accept that.  They say that they will do anything and everything to keep us here happy as long as possible.  Isn’t that what everyone wants? Person or dog?  Sure, there are a lot of sad things in this world, but there is a lot to be happy about and enjoy too.  Every day is a gift.  You have definitely heard that before.  But take your gift and open it.  Realize that not every living thing gets a gift, another day of life like YOU have today.  Use it.

Now.  Business.  Today, my Deputy goes back to the Vet Person to get some help.  Digby has arthritis and hip issues.  And also, we have to see results of his bloodwork too to make sure those lumps are nothing to worry about.  So stick with us.  We will keep you updated all along the way and show you what is going on on our Facebook page.  Thank you all for your messages, thoughts and emails.  We haven’t had time to respond much, but know we read every single one.  I know, I know.  It’s not acceptable.  I may have to arrest myself.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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