Have A Seat.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake, blogging today from this hot, Florida place. Oh, how we remember the heat. It is so hot that you could fry a pancake on your car. Not that we have ever done that. But we really, really should. Girl Person wouldn’t have to wash a frying pan or anything! And we don’t have time to wash our car anyway on this trip so all in all, it’s a good idea.

Ok. Have a seat right now, but not on my side of the couch. I mean, not anywhere on the couch, because the whole couch is mine actually. The floor is good. Sometimes, you have to hear news that you probably don’t want to hear. And although we try to remain positive and happy and adventurous, truth is, we are living life just like everyone else. We have our ups. Our downs. Our good times. Our bad times. Broken showers and leaky roofs and general pancake shortages. But, ever since we have wrote this dog blog starting in 2011, we have always been honest and open. It is what we do. So, please try not to worry as I tell you something. We don’t want you to worry, certainly not me, but we want you to be aware of what is going on. As our loyal fans, you deserve that.

I guess I might have ate too many pancakes, and the pancakes might have turned to lumps. That is what I imagine must have happened. The persons found some lumps on my neck and chest a couple of days ago. I had only one lump last year, but now have more all of a sudden. Don’t worry. I am not in pain. And they are not as big as pancakes, and actually, I seem to feel just fine. And I certainly haven’t lost my appetite. But you can’t ignore stuff. Like for example when you run out of maple syrup. You just have to go to the store. You just have to. So, tomorrow, Girl Person will be taking me to a vet person in this Florida place. Sheriff Brickle and I haven’t been apart for a second in the past eight months since we started this Adventure Of A Lifetime. And I am worried about that most of all. Who will be his backup when I am at the vet person’s office?

Girl Person and Boy Person seem to be nervous, but are trying not to let me know. They tell me that they will make the best decision for me, above everything else, even the rest of this trip. I am glad about that because I have a lot more pancakes to eat in the years to come, and most of all, I don’t want this to interfere.

As Girl Person has always said, tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us. That is why we tell you to make every day count, and today is no different. The Sheriff and I will be visiting our friends at our daycare place, Pawsome Adventures and enjoying the little bit of cooler air today! Tomorrow will be here soon enough. The vet person can wait. Because today is gonna be a good day. We hope you get out and enjoy yours too. And try not to worry, ok? We will keep you up to date every step of the way.

I usually only tell pancakes I love them, but know I love you too. And I love the day ahead of me. Let’s do this!

-Deputy Digby Pancake



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18 thoughts on “Have A Seat.

  1. Karen Olson

    Digby, I will try not to be nervous or worry until you tell me. So for now I will pray for you and Brickle and GP & BP. I love you guys!!

  2. Mary McNew

    I’m sure everything will be just fine! My male doxie, Doc, has several benign lumps (i jokingly call him lumpy instead of his real name sometimes). He started getting them just in the past year or so but the vet said no worries that they aren’t painful and lots of dogs get them as they get older. A trip to the vet is never fun, but better safe than the alternative. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way traveling dogs family! <3

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  4. Carol Ann Peterson

    Lots of lumps can be just fatty cysts, and I know all of my older dogs have gotten those kind of cysts. My Great Dane even got a huge fatty cyst on her chest many years ago, and she was fine. I will keep you in my prayers, Deputy Digby Pancake. Please know that you are very loved, as is Sheriff Brickle, even by people like me who have never met you. Hang in there, Deputy Digby! My rescued Westie, Becky, and I are pulling for you!

  5. Rose

    Just a thought. We used to get a product for Babe called K9 Immunity Plus from iherb. It is all natural and if you look it up it does have rave reviews. We used it as part of a cancer treatment during her last year. There were many testimonials of owners who said that it completely cured “soft cell” cancer. Please just look it up. Might as well investigate every possibility. Prayers for you guys. Bring the Sheriff along and boy person. It is a family thing.

  6. Dear Digby, my name is Molly. Today when my person came home I got so excited I had one of my dizzy spells and flopped over like a fish out of water. I do this sometime and it scares my person so bad, she caught my head before it hit the floor and set beside me to calm me down. These persons really care about us! I like pancakes too! Live life, kiss your person often and know everything will be ok! Your friend, Molly girl.

  7. I’m sure Digby will be fine. He will be if people power has anything to do with it. He has thousands of fans and admirers wishing him, and all of you, well. He and the Sheriff couldn’t wish for better parents.

  8. gretzmom

    Dear Deputy,
    You have to know I am not good at sitting down and hearing what I don’t want to hear. But…everything I heard was ok. Not the lymphomas of course but how they are being taken care of is just how I would do it. I’ve had several dog-loves in my life that have had them of varying sizes and other than the occasional surgical care it has all been good news! I am hoping for the good news for you. One good thing I know for sure- lots of pancakes and Vermont maple syrup after lump checks! just an offer but I would deputy sit anytime! I am in Colorado but one never knows what might help. Love to deputy and sheriff and buck up girl and boy persons! You are doing your best jobs.

  9. Praying for all to be well Digby <3 My Patty is part lab and she has benign tumors. She is 16 so I have opted to not have them removed but they are a worry . We want our fur babies to be healthy & happy <3

  10. Gale Grosso

    You’ll be okay sweet boy. Like you said, they are probably just pancake lumps. You can have lumps without them being bad. Keep feeling good and have some more pancakes, take some more hikes, and stick by the sheriff, he needs you. Thanks for letting us know and we love you too.

  11. Cyndie

    Dont you worry. We all are on the Sheriff’s six. Girl and Boy person will look out for noth of you, always. Hopefully, it’s just some lumpy pancake batter. We love all of you.

  12. My thoughts are with you. Hoping everything turns out ok. I would rather myself be ill or in pain than my dog. I feel helpless when he’s not feeling himself.

    1. Sending prayers all the way from Sweden <3

      It's very easy to feel helpless when one's dog feels ill but try not to be too hard on yourself.

      /Adam – The Doggy Institute

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