The Jailhouse Rock


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Sometimes, you just have one of those weeks where you think, what happened? How did all that occur?

First of all, I have my story today to blame on National Pancake Day.  Yes, National Pancake Day.  When you eat so many pancakes, it goes straight to your head and your belly and you go crazy. That’s my excuse.  I’m sticking to it.

I had a lot of pancakes, that’s no dern secret.  After that day, I realized how little of pancakes I actually got and I got a bit testy.  And then last night, well, last night, it all came out.

We were taking our walk with Girl Person and Boy Person.  They were blab, blab, blabbing about finding an RV, our trip, all kinds of stuff that is boring.  They were so busy talking that they didn’t see our arch enemy, the black and white cocker spaniel monster walking down the road.

You see, I am giving myself away.  Sheriff Brickle and I? Well, sometimes, we are plain badness.  A nuisance to society.  We forget our training, it all goes out the window, and when you have a hankering for pancakes, it makes us worse.  We saw our enemy, the persons did not, and we decided, yep.  It was go time y’all.

We yanked Girl Person so hard barking and lunging at this criminal who shouldn’t be in our neighborhood because I don’t want him to be, that we yanked her arms around the telephone pole, I fell flat on my back in the road and Boy Person fell down trying to get us.  Girl Person held on for dear life, Boy Person yelled apologies at the persons who we don’t like either and Girl Person started crying.

Why am I telling you all this? Sometimes, well, things aren’t so cut and dry like an old stack of pancakes, although I don’t know why that would exist because someone should have ate those pancakes.  Brickle and I aren’t perfect.  We make mistakes. Sometimes, the bad comes out.  But when Girl Person looked at me crying, she asked me “Why? Why Digby? Why Brickle? You should love everyone, why did you do that?” I had to say, “Say What? Who?” Did I do that? I guess I did. I guess we did.

I don’t know why we don’t like the cocker spaniel monster, but I will tell you he’s black and white. You guessed it….just like a prison uniform. I also know that both me and Sheriff Brickle are under arrest.  I do say I deserve it this time. Looks like everyone in the neighborhood is doing the jailhouse rock.  Everybody in the whole cell block.  Yep.

Have a great day everyone.  Oh, and one more thing before I go.  We added a Suggestion Box for our trip…make sure you comment on the page and give us some ideas! We love you all.  Have a great weekend!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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One thought on “The Jailhouse Rock

  1. Shaney King

    Would love for you to come to Yukon Oklahoma. We have pets and people they are a great rescue here. Plus I see that my Haddie may be a lot like brickle and pb 😳 See she doesn’t like strangers either.

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