Status Report #1.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It is my duty, as law enforcement to keep everyone updated.  Our Adventure Of A Lifetime Trip is coming up quickly.  May is just around the corner.  Wow, am I going to miss this Florida place and our Country Cousin Person’s beach house. The dolphins, the manatees, the fish…sigh.

But onward we go and here I am today to give you the first status report.  So here it is.

Status Report #1

We have stuff. We have too much stuff.  None of this stuff is going to fit in an RV.  So last weekend, we had a yard sale and sold some stuff.  But then we found more stuff. And all of this stuff is weighing us down heavier than Digby’s pancakes in more ways than one.  So first things first…get rid of this stuff.  So this weekend, we are having yet another yard sale.  Do you think if I advertise my handsome that it will bring the masses?  Maybe I don’t want that to happen, it actually could be an utter disaster.  Never mind.  But we have to get rid of this junk.  Who needs it?  But if they even think of getting rid of the cookie jars…

Then.  Pretty important quandary of the week.  We can’t find an RV suitable for my handsome and ego.  No, we don’t need a fancy one, but we need one big enough to carry all the treats we are taking to the shelters and also to fit our dog beds.  I mean the beds we pretend that are ours..the persons’ bed is just fine.  We have looked and looked.  But we have a few more weeks, so we just know something is gonna turn up that we can afford.  We are keeping pawsitive!

We also are narrowing down our first stops when we head out of this Florida place.  We are researching parks and fun stuff and hikes and yeah, peanut butter cookie drive thrus.  Girl Person and Boy Person are planning their podcast, whatever that is and it should start in a few weeks too, ahead of our trip. We will be doing a status report every Thursday from now on.  Mark it on your calendar.

This is happening.  It’s really happening.  Yes, the persons are doing a lot of work, but once we are on the road, it is all going to be worth it! Let’s see where this adventure takes us..maybe to YOUR neighborhood!

How should I end this status report #1?  It seems to me that you weren’t paying close enough attention and did not take notes which is shocking in my Sheriff’s opinion. Are. Arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle




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