Of Course Its Clean. Of Course.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes, I think about arresting myself, but then I think again, because if I was arrested I couldn’t do the arresting and that my friends makes no sense.

Today was change the sheets day in our house.  Girl Person hates this day because she says it is a battle. She says she has to trick us to not jump on the bed while she washes the sheets and then get the bed all made before we mess it up.  I think it is a game of wits and I am more than happy to play along.

So today, she took off the sheets. Washing and drying and nice smelling clean sheets were to be the result.  Not as nice smelling as me, but close.  You can’t have it all.  Unless it’s all handsome like me. She persuaded us out of the room with some cookies.  Now listen up.  I am not to be tricked.  I never am, I never will be.  I just wanted cookies. That is all.

So she shut the door and washed the sheets and dried them and went in the bed to make it up.  She was almost done except for the pillows when her phone rang.  She forgot she was trying to outsmart us and walked away.  Well looky there, looky there.  Uncovered pillows just prime for resting my booty on them under clean sheets.  I rolled around, la de dah like and thought to myself, self?  You made those pillows smell so good and now they will have clean pillowcases on them and that is just a great housekeeping tip.  I got bored with the housekeeping and jumped off the bed. Digby Pancake was overseeing the other side of housekeeping operation. In her haste, Girl Person had dropped the pillowcases on the floor which made for a great resting place for Digby.  She walked back in the room and asked Digby what he thought he was doing.  Oh Digby.  Why did you do that?

Later that night, Boy Person said the sheets and pillows smelled nice, were they clean?  Uh yeah.  Yep.  Yeppers.  Of course its clean.  Of course.  It’s clean the sheets day. Really? You. Are. Arrested.  Cause I can’t arrest myself.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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