Let It Flow

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  You may wonder…just as I wondered…we are in this New York place.  So when are we going to see the Niagara Falls stuff?  I wondered that yesterday.  Because even though we got in the car and went hiking, I didn’t see the Niagara Falls place yet.

The persons told me that there was no rush to get to Niagara Falls.  

She said that although it was our goal to get here, that didn’t mean it should feel like a job.  She said just because persons call something special like Niagara Falls, that doesn’t mean that it is the only special thing here.

And she said other things deserve our time and admiration too.

I thought about that and all of the things I have got to see this week so far, even though it has been raining a lot. I get to see the creek right behind our campsite everyday and that is a very big deal to me, even if it isnt to others.  I get to see the woods here and the beaver that lives in the campground.  I get to watch the crows and I get to see so many things that I have not seen before. I am letting the pretty things flow before me.  Not behind me where I rush by.

So our plan this week is to see some areas you have told us about.  

And then on Friday, when we leave here and drive the two hours to that Buffalo, New York place, we will take our time next week to admire the falls then!

Time may go by fast.  Just like a rushing waterfall. How we spend that time and what we notice makes us who we are.  Don’t rush by the wonderful things that others don’t notice.  

Don’t have checklists and bucket lists and to do lists.  Do what you want when you want…each day that you wake up.  

Decide what you, as a person wants to see that day.  And follow your heart.  Not a guidebook.  Your heart guides you the best.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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