How High Is Too High?

This i Peanut Butter Brickle.  There is a lot to say about yesterday.  We packed up our house on wheels in that North Carolina place and headed to that Virginia place. Why? Because it was hot.  Real hot. And I don’t like to be too hot.  I am not talking about my looks.

We knew that where we were headed to was a bit out of the way.  In fact, I am not sure why the persons didn’t realize just how high this state park was going to be.  It is called Grayson Highlands State Park…HIGHlands…

It took a very long time to find our way there. We realized that we needed to get food. But the nearest store was miles and miles away.  So after we finally made it to the store and headed back, we were tired.  An hour and a half trip was taking 4 and a half hours.

Because we couldn’t go fast pulling the Big Brown Barking Biscuit Buggy behind us.

Fruitycake is getting used to our routine. And in fact, the days we don’t pull our house around, he wonders why. He really likes to ride in Digby’s old seat.

He doesn’t fill it up as much as Digby’s butt did, but that just gives me more room to stretch out.

The persons held their breath all the way up the mountain.  Well, Girl Person did.  Boy Person seems to be a superdriver with super skills.  If there was a cape for such a superhero, I would buy him one.

And when we finally reached our campsite, well, let’s just say it was a tight fit.  It was a tight dip down.  And our RV fit. But it certainly took more super skills from Boy Person.  But oh, what a campsite.  What a view.  What a day.

I felt wonderful. There was a breeze. I was cool.  I was happy.  And the persons knew it.  Can you be too high on life? Can you be too happy?  I wondered why I felt guilty about it.  I wondered why being happy made me feel guilty. Was it ok to smile without Digby?


Since Digby has been gone, I am sad.  But then comes happy days like yesterday. I feel alive.  Yes, the persons are tired.  It is hard work.  But we all are together. The adventure continues for me.  And I feel like I still have purpose. And I feel happy to show Fruitycake his purpose now.

So I knew the answer to my own question. Can you be too happy? No.  No, you cannot. But you have to let yourself go to that happy place.  Only when you accept that it is ok to be happy even though there are problems all around us, only then will you be able to get to that high place you need to be.  You can help others more when you are happy.  Happy is good.  Get to that happy high.  And don’t fall off the mountain.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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