The Short Story Of Squeaky Clean

This is Digby Pancake.  As you may know, we were supposed to be on the road yesterday, but we didn’t leave. We were too sad and too tired to drive.

Just a few days ago, a little mouse came into our lives one chilly, barn night.

Boy Person found her crying, all alone on the cold floor.

He didn’t know what to do.  And so he asked Girl Person.  They talked and they looked for her family.  They gave it time.  They asked others what to do. And you can guess that Squeaky Clean came inside the RV to be a part of our family.

2 Traveling Dogs and 1 Traveling Mouse sounded good to us!

We liked her, she was little and wouldn’t try to steal too much of my food.  So we were looking forward to helping her feel better so that we could maybe release her somewhere she wanted to live.

But after days of bottle feeding and singing and loving her, she left us.  It seemed like we had just begun to know each other.  Because our time together was not long enough.

Squeaker Clean may have had a rough start in life.  We don’t know why she ended up all alone. We don’t know what happened to her family, or maybe why she was not wanted.  Squeaky may be like each one of us. We may have had very hard times in our life. We may have been unwanted.  But we kept trying. We kept going. We looked for hope.  And there was someone waiting to love us and accept us.

Every animal has the potential to teach you something and to change your life.  Even a small mouse like Squeaky Clean.  She didn’t survive, but you are here.  Learn from her small but willing spirit to live.  Forget who made you feel unwanted and look at the ones around you now.  You are valuable. Precious.  Beautiful. Loved.

Today we are headed to Jekyll Island, Georgia to meet some sea turtles that need our help.  We will keep you updated all along the way today!

-Digby Pancake

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