Even Children Get Older. I’m Getting Older Too.

This is Deputy Digby Pancakes.  Changes.  They happen.  What do you think about them?

We have had a lot of changes lately.  Some we had no choice about, like slowing down a bit.  Some good changes though came with that.  Being in the moment…more like a dog was the best change.


Girl Person said that for her, slowing down is very hard. Because when you are slower, you can think longer about things you don’t want to think about.  Unless, you change that too.  I know that just because you are slower, that doesn’t mean you have to think about sad things as you walk thru life.  Or even sit thru life. You can choose to fill your mind with happy and good things just like you can choose to fill your belly with pancakes and maple syrup.

Brickle and I may be getting older.  But the persons are too.  None of us are as young as yesterday, although Brickle says he looks even better today.


We can’t control changes or the passing of time. Just like the other night, I could not control feeling bad from my medicine.  But Girl Person figured out changes to be made and we made them.  For everyone’s sake.  I tried really hard to feel better, so I kept eating and I even went on a short walk.  Girl Person said that it surprised her because the day before, I had one of my best days ever.  And for a moment, she cried a little before I told her to stop.


You see, we can’t judge a day on the day before.  We can’t compare ourselves with who we were yesterday, a week ago, or even years ago.  Each day, we have to appreciate for what it is and who we are. We can’t drag every expectation of ourselves around all day.

So the fourth assignment of the week? I promised you one on every day of the blog.  Your assignment is to physically walk slower with your dog today.  Real slow.  I want you to let your dog go on a Sniffari!  Yes, I know walks are usually for exercise.  And you can do a operate one for that if you want to.  But on this walk, you are going to let your dog sniff whatever she wants and leads you where she wants to go. Most dogs want to take in the smells on a walk and explore based on what odors are around. Let your dog do that!  And maybe you’ll want to put on your favorite music.  Girl Person does that so that she doesn’t have to think so hard for now.


I like Sniffaris because I get to linger.  I get to think about what I’m doing in that moment and not worry about getting anywhere in particular.

We all get older.  We are all getting older.  But the fun part is, we can take what we know and make each day better from the lessons we have learned.  Changes will happen.  Nothing stays the same.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.  But I wish pancakes were guaranteed.  Every day.  That would be sweet.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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