You Can Bury A Lot Of Troubles By Digging In The Dirt

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Today I am dirty.  Yesterday, I was dirty.  And the day before that, I was dirty.

Tomorrow, I will be dirty too. But there is never anyone as dirty as Deputy Digby.  Dirty Digby.  And we like it like that.


Yesterday, it was so windy in this Florida place, that if I would have had a hat on, it would have been blown to Arkansas.  I don’t know why I would have a hat on, nor why it would make it to Arkansas.  But it seems correct. And I am always correct.

Girl Person said since she was sick, it wasn’t a good idea to walk on the beach with all the wind.  So we headed to a forest where there was less wind but lots of dirt to get dirtier.


Digby is always his best self in a forest or in the woods with all the dirt.  His prance is faster and yet, we have to stop every five seconds to either smell something, water something, or our new found love…digging in the dirt.

Girl Person says she is perplexed by this new found love of ours.  As we get older, we are changing up our interests and our likes and dislikes.  How can someone not like dirt?

Girl Person says when we start digging, she doesn’t see a thing.  Well, we smell many things.  We see with our noses.

You may think that it’s a shame we can’t see as well as you can.  But we think it’s a shame you can’t smell as well as we can.  The good thing? With all of our different abilities, we can enjoy things and tell each other about them.  That’s why we try to dig everything up for you!


So for us, seeing with our noses is great fun.

And as we get older, we are relying on our noses a lot more.  As you get older, are you noticing different things, or appreciating different things?  Learning keeps us young and changing things up to keep life interesting is part of all of our journeys.  Don’t ever let someone tell you to not dig around for what makes you happy just because you are older.

And if you are young, keep on the path to experiencing new things as much as you can, while you can.


Keep it dirty.  Keep it real.  You can bury a lot of troubles by digging in the dirt.  Just ask Digby after his bath.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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