Aardvark? Armadillo? You Tell Me.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If there is one thing I know it is how to look good.

If there is another thing I know, it is that I know pretty much everything.  Sometimes, I feel like I know more than persons.  Because dogs see more in a moment and we aren’t thinking about something else when we see an armadillo and we call it an aardvark.

Truth.  Truth is hard to come by for persons.  You think you see an armadillo, but then you remember it as an aardvark because you are thinking about too many things like where to live, where to go, how to pay for it, if everyone will be happy and if we are making any right decisions.  Yes, meet Girl Person on a normal hike.

As we were sitting there enjoying the day, Girl Person was filming us.  You may find this hard to believe, but she could get a job in the puparazzi.  I knew she was there, but I was concentrating on the smell.  The smell of a criminal armadillo under a building.  I heard it.  I saw it.  And Girl Person saw my nose start to wiggle more and she decided that she better stop filming.

Right after she stopped, we jumped up to chase the aforementioned armadillo, but Girl Person was on to us.  She held us back with the tenacity of a…aardvark.  Oh, she saved that armadillo, but she didn’t save her pride.  You see, she asked people what they thought we were chasing.  She was being all clever and gave them a clue.  Like she thought she was on Jeopardy or something.

And later on that night, when Boy Person saw her video and her question, he related that he just couldn’t imagine what started with an a and ended with a k that we were chasing.  Girl Person told him that she was surprised.  Hadn’t he ever heard of an aardvark.  Boy Person said…in Florida?  In Florida?  In Florida?  Oh, Girl Person.  In Florida?

And Girl Person knew her mistake.  You see, it wasn’t that she had lost her mind.  That had happened a very long time ago.  It was the fact that she had lost her ability to enjoy the moment and stop filming us for two seconds.  If in fact she had thought about the armadillo and how cool he was, perhaps the aardvark wouldn’t have popped in her mind.  You see, armadillos are many in this Florida place.  We may take them for granted.  But that doesn’t mean they should be an aardvark to make life more interesting.

Take the special things from people we know and recognize them. Never compare them to someone else.  Never think that they aren’t as special as an armadillo.  And if you are so inclined, well, tell them so.  They might not be digging for compliments, but be an aardvark and let them suck them up.  They made need it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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