Let’s Make A Deal

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I think that some days, things start to go as bad as a burnt stack of pancakes.  Not that I would ever turn down a stack of pancakes in any condition, but you get my point. Because like that stack of burnt pancakes, sometimes, you try to scrape off the bad stuff and salvage what you know is still there.  There is always something there.


Such was the case for us this past week.  We had to move campsites three times which is hard.  Real hard.  Imagine packing up your whole house every few days and carrying it down the road.  Then imagine unpacking it all every few days, trying to park it, and figuring out where the store is, where to wash your clothes and where to get stuff to make pancakes.  It is exhausting.

So when we got to this camp finally in Oregon, the persons tried to settle down.  Problem was, they had all of their rescue work to do like the video in Washington!

Then they had their article and then…Girl Person started itching.  Her face hurt, her eye hurt, her legs hurt.  She looked at Boy Person with her pirate eye and realized he had something called poison oak too.  Guess that Washington place wanted us to take a parting gift. It wasn’t exactly what Girl Person wanted. It was not a good deal.

But if you know Girl Person and Boy Person, you know that they rarely stop unless something forces them to. And a rash on your face will do that.  Moving three times in a week will do that too. Working for 24 hours straight for rescues without sleep will do that more. And yet, even when they pause, they worry about me and the Sheriff, and if we are having a good day.  So with her poison, pirate face, Girl Person loaded us up in the car and we headed to the beach.  We couldn’t let the opportunity pass.  We were all feeling bad and we knew the water was the only thing that could help us feel better.


When we got to the beach, we realized that we had to make a deal…a deal with ourselves.  We would not let the hard days get to us, even if they were filled with poison oak on our face.  We would make a deal that behind that curtain waiting for us to open up would be happiness.  And if it wasn’t there, we would make it.

Certain days, you can either choose to dwell on the negative, or open up another curtain. It may not be what you were planning on, but it is up to you to turn your day around.

Today is going to be great!  We have made a deal with the persons that they will be taking us to some rock that a famous movie was filmed at…

And we will be in this Oregon camp till Tuesday.  Then? You will have to wait and see, because we don’t know! Will you stay with us? Is it a deal?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Deal

  1. Jacqueline

    We’ll all follow and wait for you all to the ends of the Earth!!! Feel better, Family, and Love you all!!! Take care!!! xoxoxoox <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Andi Burcham

    Looking back at the ‘Finders’ blog, I see poison oak in the picture of your campsite right beside the BBTW! The oil can get on the dog’s fur and transfer to you. Happens to me every summer here in AR – courtesy of my outside cats. “Leaves of 3 – let it be”. It’s miserable for several days & you may need to make a trip to a Dr for Prednisone to get relief. 😥

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