Different Place, Different Face. Same Story.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. First and foremost, I know you are honored to be here today. Second, I am honored to be so gorgeous, and you are welcome. If there was ever a state that accentuated my beauty, this is it. Green countrysides that go with my fur, high mountains with snow that bring out my cool side, and orchards and tree farms for miles that make you stop and gasp. At my beauty.


As we have simply slowed down a bit on this trip, we have began to see more around us. We realized the time table we set was something that we needed to throw out the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV door. And so this weekend, the persons decided that we would take some drives and just look around. We didn’t know where we were going, and for goodness sake, you know we haven’t done enough driving on this trip…


As we drove along, the persons saw a sign that said “Yard Sale”. And if you know the persons at all, you know that they love a deal and they love to find treasures. They have never really found a deal though or treasures except for me and Deputy Digby. And I guess we were a deal too as the shelter had marked us half off. But anyway. They decided to stop at the sale and take a gander. I mean, we have so much room for stuff in the RV…


As they looked around, they saw all kinds of stuff I call trash. But the persons have decided that from now on, anything that we bring into our lives, whether that be things we want for the house which we don’t have and can’t afford, or things we need, we will try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Which means we will recycle trash.  We will use trash.  Trash. Digby is happy he won’t be the worst smelling thing around.


As they were looking through the trash at the yard sale, I sensed a sadness with Girl Person.  As she looked around the garage and the office at this home, she realized that the man who had lived here was no longer around.  His wife was there, older and weary. And their son was there helping her sell things.  Girl Person told Boy Person that it was like the same story was repeated all over the world.  She said it was the same story with the sadness, but with different names and different faces.  She said how it made her miss her Pappy and that he was just like this man.  He left behind family and friends. Just like this man.  Same story, different place.  And it made Girl Person sad that when you are gone, it amounts to people coming in to your home, taking things that meant something to you and it was like…you were never there.


As a dog, I don’t have stuff.  I don’t have trash.  Yeah, I may have a few toys I like.  But to keep things and try to carry things around and get more things? I see no point in it.  If you are trying to carry stuff, how can you notice the real stuff around you?  Will you leave behind a story of how you made a difference in this world? Or will you just leave behind a bunch of stuff?


Girl Person says that we are 3200 miles from the persons we love.  And the more distance and time that is between us seems to bring back so many memories. Pappy may have left us years ago.  But time and distance doesn’t fade the love.  You can’t run from that.  She also says that in situations like this? Well, she’s got two more bottles of wine.

Sometimes, sadness is good for you because it makes you think.  Seeing this man’s family mourning him and selling his stuff made us miss home and made us miss people.  But it made us realize what we have known in our hearts all along.  And that is we don’t need stuff to be happy.  We need each other.

So as the persons looked around one last time at the yard sale, Boy Person picked up his treasure.  A worn, old light.


A light that probably meant something to the man who was no longer there.  He could have carried it on dark nights at his farm, or lit is up as he sipped wine.  Boy Person knew they didn’t have room in the RV for this light.  But they wanted to show that a man they never knew taught them something. They wanted to light up the rest of our journey with hope, with appreciation and with focus.  Because although we have much to decide in the next few weeks, and much to worry about, we have to remember the important things in our life are not stuff.  We will see each other.  And we hope what we leave behind is not just stuff, but of trying to make a very small difference for animals in the world.  Whatever you choose to make a difference at today, light up your path.

Oh, and one last thing, because I promised.  Girl Person talked about dog friendly fruits on Friday’s LIVE post! The recipe for Washington Apple Pie for dogs is here! 


We are here in Silver Creek Washington until Tuesday, and then we are headed to Seattle and then Sequin before we start heading to Oregon next week!  Are you with us?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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