Ask Henry, Bill Or Peter. Or Bob.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It has been an interesting week in this Washington place! From heat to snow to everything in between, we have definitely not been bored!


Yesterday, we visited a sleeping volcano called Mount Rainer.  I say that it is kinda like the dog version of Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  You think he is asleep, but then, all of a sudden he wakes up and gets ya! I guess that is why there are volcano evacuation signs everywhere.  It is definitely an unusual place, Mount Rainer.


Girl Person even told me about a special fox that lives in Mount Rainer, and only one other place called the Cascade Red Fox.  Well, telling a foxhound like me about a fox is like telling a pancake hound about a pancake.  Which, both in my case are a cause for howling and excitement.

Your fur is red
So beautiful
Like an angel in disguise
But if you meet
A friendly horse
Will you communicate by

Since she got me all worked up about this rare fox, I was ready.  I didn’t see it yesterday, but I was sure on the lookout for one.

Big blue eyes
Pointy nose
Chasing mice
And digging holes
Tiny paws
Up the hill
Suddenly you’re standing still


When you are on the lookout for a rare fox and you are a foxhound, you realize the importance of practicing your howl.  So when we got home from our day’s travel, I knew that I wasn’t off of work yet.  I decided that everything I saw that walked by camp, I would howl at it. People in plaid shirts.  Dogs.  People that wanted to be dogs.  Dogs that wanted to be people.  And the elusive fox that could possibly walk by.  Howl. Howl. Howl. Howl.  Sheriff Brickle even decided to join in the fun.


Now, when you are a person, you tend to think that your dog should not bark at everything, even when on the lookout for a rare, Cascade Red Fox in Washington. So Girl Person at first told us to hush.  Then she told us to be quiet.  Then she asked if we remembered earlier in the week when we were called a menace.  Then. She lost it.  She started telling us to shut it.  But she seemed to have forgotten our names in the chaos.  “Henry. Bill. Peter.  Ugh! Bob.  What is your name? What are your names?  Brickle! Digby!”

Seriously though Girl Person.  Your Granny Person used to do that.  She had so many grandchildren, she couldn’t remember who she was talking to.  “Maigen. Ciara. Sharon. Mary. Carol. What is your dern name? Rachael!”.  It was enough to call the looney bin. I have only one question. What does the FOX say?

Dog goes “woof”
Cat goes “meow”
Bird goes “tweet”
And mouse goes “squeek”
Cow goes “moo”
Frog goes “croak”
And the elephant goes “toot”
Ducks say “quack”
And fish go “blub”
And the seal goes “ow ow ow”
But there’s one sound
That no one knows
What does the fox say?

Whomever she was trying to talk to was not listening. And as we kept barking, the persons started laughing and wondered why they even tried.  If someone wanted to kick us out of camp for barking at whatever was out there, or whatever we thought was out there or whatever we wished was out there, they could.  Because I don’t answer to Bill.  Or Bob.  Or Peter. Or Digby. Bahahaha!

Today is another day to look out for the fox and the pancakes.  I am thinking that the fox must have the pancakes, because I have not seen any.  So I will let you know when I find them.

The secret of the fox
Ancient mystery
Somewhere deep in the woods
I know you’re hiding
What is your sound?
Will we ever know?
Will always be a mystery
What do you say?

We have a great weekend planned in this Washington place!  We will be in this area until Tuesday, and then will be headed towards Seattle then!  Are you with us? What does the fox say?  Yes!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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