Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That, Y’all.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, what a week.  Is it Friday yet? Oh, it is? Cool.

It’s been a long week. And by long week, I mean, nothing has changed.  When Girl Person got up this morning, she said that she was tired as usual. She said that driving like we did yesterday really wears her out.  Then she said sightseeing really wears her out on those days.  Then she said going to do laundry really tires her out the days she does that.  Or the days she has to find a grocery store.  Or the days that we travel to visit rescues.  Ok, she is tired every day. Let’s get that straight.


As you know, we were having some issues with beavers mocking us for our lack of potatoes in Twin Falls, Idaho.


I was also afraid that Digby would find his twin there and I can only handle one. It was tempting to stay, because I literally cannot imagine two of me and my mind was blown. But we headed out to another part of Idaho to get closer to our rescue visit next week, which is pretty far away in somewhere called Rexburg, Idaho to meet Four Paws Adoption!


Every time we go somewhere new on this trip…which is every few days…we take the chance that something may not go as planned because it never does. Sometimes, the campsite is great with plenty of room. Sometimes, people are right on top of us. Sometimes, there are nice people. Sometimes, not so nice. And sometimes, there is cell service for the persons to do their rescue work on the computer. And sometimes, there is not. And yesterday was that sometimes. And we ain’t got time for that!


When we finally found the camp down three miles of gravel roads that we had to drive five miles an hour on, we got a campsite in Soda, Springs, Idaho.  Literally. Sometimes I wonder. How. Did. We. Get. Here. What. Are. We. Doing.

News flash. We didn’t get any cell service. We got nice people who tried to help us though with our steps which are still broken on the RV.  But no cell service. Then we got a dog not on a leash that tried to attack me when I was on mine. But no cell service. So all in all, it was a give and take situation. And we were tired. And cranky. And the persons had to stand on top of a hill to get any service at all in the cold to post the blog. And since the persons have to make the rescue video this weekend and article, we have to go and find another camp because we can’t stand on a hill in the rain and cold all weekend. And yeah, we don’t know where we are going today. And we ain’t got time for that!


The persons are out of clean clothes. We are also low on food. And it seems pretty overwhelming to us today, and we ain’t got time for that. But we also don’t have time for much complaining. Because, truth be told, we decided to do this. And we knew it wouldn’t be easy. On state #44, we are a bit tired and wore out. But we ain’t got time for that either. It is time. We are in the homestretch. And if we can just make it…we hope it will all have been worth it. Sometimes, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or on top of the hill. But we are going to make it! Do we need your encouragement? You bet we do. We also need some cell service or internet please! Or, more wine.


Idaho? We have plenty more of you to see if we can just get parked for a few days. So far, we are impressed with your countryside and miles and miles of farmlands and empty roads. Where is everyone, by the way?!

We are here for another week, so we have a bit of catching up to do. We want to show people how wonderful you are.

But can ya help us out a little bit here? We left the beavers and now the prairie dogs are trying to steal our potatoes and more than likely, they have stolen the cell service too. Potatoes? Potatas?? Tomatoes? Tomatas? How do you say it? I ain’t got time for that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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6 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That, Y’all.

  1. Don’t worry Sherrif Peanut Butter Brickle & Digby! Things will get better. Y’all will get to a place in Idaho that has better cell service, food, and wine for your human person. Thanks for all that you’re doing for our animal shelters! 😘❤️🐶

  2. Karen Hampton

    “I WILL SURVIVE, I WILL SURVIVE, as long as I KNOW HOW TO LOVE, I know I WILL survive”…..and, there WILL be Cell Service again & there ABSOLUTELY will be Wine….Beavers, Gophers, Prarie Dogs ( YES, Prarie DOGS)… worry not your handsome head Dheriff…these ‘dogs of the Praries’ are cut….but NEVER as Handsome as you or CUTE as Digby, so as you all continue the Adventure of a Lifetime, doing GREAT THINGS in SO MANY places, for SO MANY who need you, yes, Traveling Family, there has & may still be, some difficult moments ( just moments, in the MANY WONDERFUL MOMENTS of this Adventure) , but heading back with less mountain areas, better cell service, more WINE & FOOD stores there are….you are NOT ‘the Donner Party’ ( ask GP or BP)…. ahhh, civilization….what most of us take for granted….remember ‘YOU WILL SURVIVE’….cause y’all know HOW TO LOVE ( and BE LOVED) 😘 ‘Grammy in Michigan’…. ( currently adventuring in Indiana , with sketchy cell service, but a local EXCELLENT Winery)

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