A Giant Bathtub In Nevada

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Oh, the things we find. Today, we find ourselves in the middle of a great, big bathtub in this Nevada place. I didn’t ask to come here. I didn’t ask for a bath. But yet, looks like I am in a giant bathtub called Great Basin National Park. Who would drive so far to get to a big bathtub in the middle of nowhere? No one I tell you. No one.


The persons seem to be pretty happy that we are here. Girl Person says that this is probably her favorite campsite yet on this trip, although we have no electricity, no water (which is a weird place to have a giant bathtub) and no frills. What we do have is peace and quiet, green grass, a creek right outside our window, and snow covered mountains to look at. We also apparently are in a giant basin. A bathtub in my opinion, because you can’t fool me. A Deputy knows a giant bathtub when he sees it. And so I have decided that as long as they have taken me to this basin, I am going to make it worth my while and look for every dead thing I can roll in. I am going to look for every pile of stink I can find, step in it, roll in it and love it. They love this place? Oh, I am going to love it too.

Seems as though every day of our time here in this Nevada place so far led us right here. We left Las Vegas because of the heat, found ourselves in a place called Echo Canyon which in fact does a hound dog howl good and then we decided to come here. Why? Because we knew we probably would never be here again. The road to the Great Basin National Park is called the Loneliest Road In America. Well, if you stink, no one usually wants to be around you, and therefore you have to travel to a giant bathtub. It is all making sense to me now. I have a way with figuring things out as a Deputy.

If we are in such a great place, I had to ask the persons…why are we going back to Las Vegas which is six extra hours from here on Monday? We are tired and we are going to be so clean, and it seems a shame to get dirty in Vegas again. You must get dirty in Vegas. Well…the persons tried to find an animal rescue or shelter to visit out here, and to our surprise, most of the shelters in these remote areas had only a few animals there..like three or four! That is a very, very good thing, but we realized that the biggest need for our help in Nevada was back in Las Vegas. So. After a lot of thought and research and a few bottles of wine for the persons, we chose Vegas Shepherd Rescue.

This is the first rescue we have visited like this, but we wanted to show people that even if they love a certain breed, you can always find a rescue! So we are looking forward to that visit on Tuesday. After that, we will be headed to somewhere called Utah. I know I won’t be ridin’ dirty after this visit. Unless I win big back in Las Vegas at the pancake buffets, I mean pancake slots. If I win the jackpot, I will be covered in maple syrup and we better not make a detour back to the giant bathtub.

This weekend in the Great Basin National Park is going to be a challenge. Let me tell you why.  First of all, there is no water in the campground.  The persons have no clean clothes, and the closest laundromat and grocery store is over an hour away.  We have no electricity except for when they charge up the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, and they have to finish their rescue video and article for Sunday on Golden Bone Rescue.  Now.  You may think to yourself, as I am, why would you come to a giant bathtub in the middle of nowhere and go to all this trouble?  Nevada? You have made things difficult for us, but when we worked hard, we found your hidden treasures were worth all the fight. We found that even without water, you somehow manage to stick a giant bathtub in the middle of nowhere.  And you.  Are.  Amazing.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Maggie Bafalon

    When do you expect to be in No. CA? I’m in Sonoma and really want to meet you all, and help if you need any help!
    Maggie Bafalon

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