This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, the life we lead. You may think to yourself that you would like to lead this life too. Traveling, on the open road with two rescue dogs and a lot of wine in tow.



But I implore you today to put things into perspective and be really honest with yourself. First, ask yourself, can I deal with all the handsome I am going to see on this blog today?

IMG_8159Second, I want you to think about your life, your expectations, yourself and what is important to YOU. There are no wrong answers here. Just honesty. And as Sheriff, if you can’t be honest with me today, You. Are. Arrested.  I now have jurisdiction beyond a Sheriff.  Be. Impressed.

IMG_8180We spent our weekend at a place called Great Basin National Park. If you follow us on Instagram, or on Facebook, you know that we had no electricity here at camp. We had no water hookups. And we had no nothing. Nothing except for perfection. With only eleven campsites here that our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV would fit in, we took a big chance to come. But Girl Person really wanted to see it, although Deputy Digby wasn’t so thrilled that it was a big, giant bathtub basin in his opinion.


The persons and us have been on this Adventure Of A Lifetime for a year and a few days now. We have camped in some remote places. We have camped in some fancy places. We have camped in big dirt fields, in the woods, in the forest and on the water. But it is true. The idea of “dry camping” as they call it was a little overwhelming for the persons for a few reasons. First of all, even though it doesn’t look like it, the persons work on the computer thing a lot and need electricity to tell you what we are doing in our day AND to write our animal rescue stories AND make our animal rescue videos. Second of all, they do like to be as clean as they can. So think about it. No water hookups. The water is not in the National Park at all due to repairs and the time of year. As well, the nearest grocery store with water and any type of food is over 65 miles away.  The store here?  They didn’t even have matches or my organic fare.

So….how do you wash dishes? How do you get clean clothes? I introduce you to the creek. The cold creek.

You would not probably think that Boy Person likes to wash his underwear in the creek. In my opinion, it is easier not to wear any. And Deputy Digby’s idea that this park was just a giant bathtub turned out to be correct indeed. You would probably not think that Girl Person likes to wash dishes in a cold creek either. And both are correct. But after about a day, we all got into a routine, and it became, well, sort of refreshing. No pants would also be refreshing.



Simplicity in life is sometimes a hard way of life. You have to work at getting away from it all. You have to work at enjoying things because the normal, routine things take a lot longer, they take planning, and they take patience. I know all of this. It took awhile for me to realize how handsome I was, but then it just came to me.

Many persons may think they want to live a simple life…but do they? For Girl Person, she was kind of irritated when she found out the park didn’t have any water. She was irritated that she had to drive into a ghost town and fill up water jugs behind a two pump gas station that no one worked at in the middle of a desert.

But as she started laughing at really the whole situation, she realized that this was her favorite camp spot so far. So much so that she started crying. She started crying at the stars here at night. She started crying at the trees that only grow here and live for over 4,000 years. She started crying because all of these wonderful, beautiful things made her miss her family. And her friends. And she didn’t know why.

So as we contemplated what we thought we could handle, and what we could actually handle, we were pretty proud of ourselves. We realized that although conveinence is great and a long, hot shower is sure nice for the persons, a few days here and there of working hard to simplify is precious.  A Glamorous life?  I think not.

A beautiful life?  I think so.

It would have been easy to give up the first day. And some people may not even enjoy this, which is ok too. Because we all like different things in life. But my question is…do you want what you think you want? Nothing in life is easy to attain, and if you want simplicity, you may have to reach deep inside yourself to try it.




The days that Girl Person couldn’t use her phone or computer because they needed to be charged up were the most awesome. She sat on her chair and just looked at the trees. She found faces in the clouds. She told me stories, she told me how handsome I was and how much she loved me. And I wished that every day could be this simple. And maybe someday it can…if we work hard enough.

Tomorrow is our visit with Vegas Shepherd Rescue. Yep. We are driving all the way back…seven hours today, because Las Vegas needed us. I wonder what would happen if the Las Vegas strip ran out of electricity and they had to dry camp! Why did we pick Vegas Shepherd Rescue? They are trying to make a difference in a county that euthanizes 30,000 animals a year. And their part is helping German Shepherds! We can’t wait to meet them. They have adoptables like Seiko.  Stunning Seiko is approximately 4 years old. He was adopted from the local shelter almost a year ago. Once out of the shelter, his previous family made numerous attempts to rehome him. Can you imagine living in a home for almost a year knowing you weren’t wanted?

Visit for more details. And keep reading y’all.  I’m not done. Seiko4.jpg

Don’t forget, we just posted our Arizona edition of “Stop Hounding Me” with Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab!

Boy Person literally drove four hours to get a good enough cell connection to post this!  So please watch.  Or again…You. Are. Arrested!

Were things easy this weekend?  They absolutely were not.  The RV batteries are dying and the generator is acting up, but every night we sat in candlelight looking at the stars here.  They say that this is one of the best places in the world to see the stars.  No electricity?  It was just what we ordered.  Candlelight, stars, creeks and MY handsome?  Glamorous.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

P.S. Deputy Digby Pancake wants me to remind you his Nevada recipe is up here.  He thinks you will like it.


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A Giant Bathtub In Nevada

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Oh, the things we find. Today, we find ourselves in the middle of a great, big bathtub in this Nevada place. I didn’t ask to come here. I didn’t ask for a bath. But yet, looks like I am in a giant bathtub called Great Basin National Park. Who would drive so far to get to a big bathtub in the middle of nowhere? No one I tell you. No one.


The persons seem to be pretty happy that we are here. Girl Person says that this is probably her favorite campsite yet on this trip, although we have no electricity, no water (which is a weird place to have a giant bathtub) and no frills. What we do have is peace and quiet, green grass, a creek right outside our window, and snow covered mountains to look at. We also apparently are in a giant basin. A bathtub in my opinion, because you can’t fool me. A Deputy knows a giant bathtub when he sees it. And so I have decided that as long as they have taken me to this basin, I am going to make it worth my while and look for every dead thing I can roll in. I am going to look for every pile of stink I can find, step in it, roll in it and love it. They love this place? Oh, I am going to love it too.

Seems as though every day of our time here in this Nevada place so far led us right here. We left Las Vegas because of the heat, found ourselves in a place called Echo Canyon which in fact does a hound dog howl good and then we decided to come here. Why? Because we knew we probably would never be here again. The road to the Great Basin National Park is called the Loneliest Road In America. Well, if you stink, no one usually wants to be around you, and therefore you have to travel to a giant bathtub. It is all making sense to me now. I have a way with figuring things out as a Deputy.

If we are in such a great place, I had to ask the persons…why are we going back to Las Vegas which is six extra hours from here on Monday? We are tired and we are going to be so clean, and it seems a shame to get dirty in Vegas again. You must get dirty in Vegas. Well…the persons tried to find an animal rescue or shelter to visit out here, and to our surprise, most of the shelters in these remote areas had only a few animals three or four! That is a very, very good thing, but we realized that the biggest need for our help in Nevada was back in Las Vegas. So. After a lot of thought and research and a few bottles of wine for the persons, we chose Vegas Shepherd Rescue.

This is the first rescue we have visited like this, but we wanted to show people that even if they love a certain breed, you can always find a rescue! So we are looking forward to that visit on Tuesday. After that, we will be headed to somewhere called Utah. I know I won’t be ridin’ dirty after this visit. Unless I win big back in Las Vegas at the pancake buffets, I mean pancake slots. If I win the jackpot, I will be covered in maple syrup and we better not make a detour back to the giant bathtub.

This weekend in the Great Basin National Park is going to be a challenge. Let me tell you why.  First of all, there is no water in the campground.  The persons have no clean clothes, and the closest laundromat and grocery store is over an hour away.  We have no electricity except for when they charge up the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, and they have to finish their rescue video and article for Sunday on Golden Bone Rescue.  Now.  You may think to yourself, as I am, why would you come to a giant bathtub in the middle of nowhere and go to all this trouble?  Nevada? You have made things difficult for us, but when we worked hard, we found your hidden treasures were worth all the fight. We found that even without water, you somehow manage to stick a giant bathtub in the middle of nowhere.  And you.  Are.  Amazing.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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