Burps And Rainbows To Indiana!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Indiana?  It’s been a great week…well, some of the days. But it is time for us today to move on to our next state and destination…Park City, Kentucky!  First though, let me thank you for all the burps and rainbows.

It’s true and no secret.  It was super duper cold this week in this Indiana place.  The rain fell for days.  It made Sheriff Brickle all a mess trying to fix his hair.  And I got sick of getting mud wiped off my paws.  But during the rain, we got to visit where Abraham Lincoln lived as a boy.  I got a bunch of learning and it was fun.


But then, we ended up at a campground with a gun show, and you know good and well why I ended up in the shelter jail in the first place as a hunting dog scared of guns before I was rescued.  So fail on those points Indiana. I will use the hashtag #fail as well because it fits. Suffice to say your arrest report was started. Especially since your trains ran all night.  Again, Sheriff Brickle needs his beauty sleep. You know what happens.

But then, after all the cold and after all the rain, you brought out some sunshiney to make us feel better, and yes, a rainbow of sorts.


But even if the sunshiney had not come out, we would have still loved ya, Indiana.  Why?  Your beautiful farmland, your nice people who welcomed us, your history and your wooded trails.  Your colored, pretty leaves falling to the ground and brisk air made me stop.  And burp.  Because first of all I am Deputy Digby Pancake and that is what I do.  But I realized that most places are pretty much burps and rainbows.


Why?  Because if you eat a good meal, you burp. And Indiana had a lot of good things, but then some that did stink like the rain. And the cold.  Like a burp.  But then rainbows of great things that we will never forget.  We most definitely will never forget the rescuers at Another Chance For Animals in Evansville, Indiana.

As Deputy, I always see the good. That is my job, and I am happy to do. So Indiana? Thank you for letting us visit you this week.  The people here love where they live.  And we can see why.  Indiana is a wonderful place like so many other places in this country.  And we still have more to go. Thank you Indiana. We will never forget you. This is my song to you.  Thank you for the burps and rainbows. By the way, these are pictures of Hawaii.  Which has nothing to do with Indiana but it is making me more warm. Why is it so cold here?!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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