Killer Walnuts, Acorns, Fido and Abraham Lincoln

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Thank you for a great yesterday, Indiana. Today? Not so much. It’s raining. It’s cold. And my Florida swimsuit, which is au natural is not appropriate apparently in this weather. Someone asked us yesterday if we were used to the cold yet. Never. That is my answer.

But let’s discuss yesterday, because that was my first train of thought which is also appropriate because there is a train here that is blowing its horn all day and all night and it is interrupting my beauty sleep. But again, I guess I went off topic, so as long as I am off topic, should we discuss pancakes too? No? Ok, I will save it.

But yesterday, it was a good day in this Indiana place. First, we went to a place where Abraham Lincoln lived as a boy when he moved from Kentucky to Indiana with his family. Well, I know that Abraham Lincoln had a dog named Fido which is not as fancy as Deputy Digby Pancake, but it is known that Fido was a dog of an unknown mixed breed who liked a couch. Maybe we are related! Fido was the first presidential dog that there is a picture of. Ok, seriously. Are we related?


But did you know that people call dogs “Fido” today because President Lincoln used this name?  So much learning in this Indiana place!

Anyway, we got to learn a lot of history at the Lincoln house and we got to go on trails and one that led to a spring that Lincoln’s family used. All in all, my brain was hurting and I just couldn’t concentrate on peeing on everything anymore. That is when we decided to stop and take a break and have some snacks. It turned out to be a bad idea.


As we were eating our picnic snacks, a giant walnut fell from the sky or tree, either one, and nailed Girl Person in the head…her concussion head from last week. Fabulous. As she yelled out in pain, we looked for what fell on her head and found the giant walnut. Indiana? You have giant walnuts? What’s the deal with that? Can you possibly put up warning signs about that? Seriously.

As she was nursing her walnut, concussion head, Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle decided to partake of all the acorns on the ground. So is it like a nut extravaganza in Indiana? Girl Person had to laugh because she had forgotten when Brickle was a puppy that she almost named him Acorn because he kept eating them. Can you imagine? Sheriff Acorn? Who would be afraid of such a law enforcement alias? I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Sheriff Acorn. You guessed it. I just got arrested. Well go for it, Sheriff Acorn and Walnut, Concussion Head. For once, I am the only one around here with any sense and I plan to eat some pancakes…without nuts for lunch.

We are off today to visit a group of people trying to help animals and save lives here in Evansville, Indiana called Another Chance For Animals. Please give them some love! They deserve it.  And stay away from killer walnuts.  And don’t call Peanut Butter Brickle Acorn Butt.  I just did.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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