Allow Me To Explain.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And today, I didn’t even take the day off. A Sheriff can’t ever rest. Especially when there are so many to arrest. Someone has to work. That someone is me.

It occurred to me today that I should use this time when everyone has off work to brief you on a few things. It seems as though lately that a lot of fans on our Facebook page have no clue what we are doing. Well, most of the time, we don’t either. When people ask us what we are doing, how we are doing it and if we have real jobs, we pause. Do we? Because this seems like the most work we have EVER done. And if this isn’t a job, I have no idea what is. But as Sheriff, I want everyone to be informed, so I will fill in those that are questioning what we are doing by addressing some of the questions.

1. Why are you traveling to so many states in an RV with your dogs?

Why not? But really. After we reached a million fans on Facebook and sold our home, we thought of how we could make a difference. How we could give back. How we could make the most of our fanbase. And this is what we decided. Plus I looked good on TV.

2. Don’t you have real jobs?

Well, first of all. Rude. Second of all, valid question actually. We used the funds of our house sale to buy an RV, the Big Blue Treat Wagon. Girl Person and Boy Person can do their jobs on the road. All I can say about this is that if you need help with your Facebook page or your pet business, let them know. Maybe they can help you. We also made dog treats at Your Dog’s Diner before we left and you may have even seen them in BarkBox.  But everything was put on hold for this trip. It is true that we have no sponsors. This is all paid for by us. And it takes away from my peanut butter cookies. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

3.  Why do the dogs look so tired?  Aren’t you ever going to take them home?  

Ok, well, since I was born, I have looked old.  Its just a fact and trait of my handsome.  And why did people overlook me in the shelter for so long? Again, they thought I looked old.  And mean.  Again, rude.  Someone wanted to name me Benjamin Button after that character in the movie.  But Girl Person and Boy Person thought Peanut Butter Brickle was more appropriate.  I agree.  But really.  Our journey is hard on us.  But it is fun.  And like we call it, it is the “Adventure Of A Lifetime”.  We are getting to see things that even most people and dogs only dream of.  We won’t travel like this forever.  Actually, in May it will be over.  So we are enjoying the ride.  And are we going home?  Well, our Big Blue Treat Wagon is home right now.  And it is a good home.  Home is wherever you are together.  That is certainly true.

4.  What is the purpose of this Adventure Of A Lifetime?

We are endeavoring to visit all the 48 contiguous states in one year and visiting one animal rescue or shelter in each state.  We have around 17 more states to go at this point.  And every week, we do an article and a video for each rescue.  We also want to show you how wonderful every single state is that we visit and what you can do with your dogs! We have been to cities like Manhattan and the wilderness of North Dakota!  We are excited to see more!

5.  How can we show our love and support you?

We get this question a lot and we sure appreciate it.  First, you can tell me how handsome I am.  You can tell Deputy Digby how cute he is. Then, after that, you can read our weekday blogs.  You can click on articles we share on our Facebook page.  You can share our posts from our Facebook page.  The simple fact is, the more fans we have, the more the animals that we visit will be shared.  More lives will be saved.  THEN, you can support the companies that donate to the rescues we visit every week by liking their Facebook page or buying their awesome products.  Thanks to  4-Legger, SqueakNSnap, and New Zealand’s Best and Bowser Beer.

Also, we have a calendar you can purchase and a shop with shirts too!

6.  What are you going to do after this trip?

Well, pretty good question. And for once in our lives, we have no plan. No idea.  Actually, it is making us a little nervous.  We miss our friends, family and ocean in that Florida place.  We miss our wine country of Sonoma where we lived for a year in California.  But we don’t want to get bogged down with heavy financial responsibilities.  We want a simple way of life that enables us to continue to help animals, yet be happy as a family.  Stay tuned as we figure it out.  If you have suggestions, I am welcome to hearing it.  As Sheriff, what I say goes, so tell me what I should say.

7.  How much do we love you?

This is the most important question of all.  We thank you, our fans for your ever loving, never ending support.  This trip is hard in so many ways.  Expensive.  Exhausting.  But this is what we were meant to do.  This is our SOMETHING.  The animals, shelters and rescues across the USA deserve our attention.

Don’t worry. Tomorrow, we will be back to our regularly scheduled dog blog.  I aim to arrest many today and report back tomorrow in Indiana.  Maybe since we are here in Indiana I will just arrest the whole state.  See?  I never soften as Sheriff.  If I still have your state to visit, don’t worry.  I’m on my way.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support.  We have until Monday in Indiana and can’t wait to see what wonderful things still await us!! But Indiana, you are still arrested for all the rain and cold.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

9 thoughts on “Allow Me To Explain.

  1. Andrea

    Yes hun your so beautiful.. lol.. and just one thing i wanted to say was tyvm for all of your hard work. I’m also traveling with my 11 year old. And a it’s a beautiful country. I’m starting my trip next month first I come down to FL. The visit my family before we start our journey of a life time. Witch I have wanted to do for yrs now. But unlike u two. I just had to do the unbearable decision. Of My best friend for 11 years to rest. She was to old and hurting to bad to be suffering anymore. I always rescue my best friends also. Once we get settled again and get comfortabl on our trip. We may try too see about a older dog again. But for now watching you guys is enough to help us throw. So tyvm you guys Keep up the great work. Pssttt be nice to girl person she works hard. Lol until next time everyone.

  2. Sheila Armes

    Thank you for sharing your adventures of life ! What a great thing to do. I pray God will continue to bless all of you on your journey….our Indiana weather is always changing, so come prepared !!!! We love you guys……love to all from Washington. Indiana 💖💖💖. 🐾🐶❤️🐾🐶❤️Love from the Washington Whippets, Mylie and Deuce

  3. Sheila Armes

    Thank you for sharing your adventures of life ! What a great thing to do. I pray God will continue to bless all of you on your journey… to all from Washington. Indiana 💖💖💖

  4. Suzanne Reynolds.

    Love following you guys and reading your blog. I always tell my husband home is wherever we are together, also. Y’all are doing wonderful work.

  5. Ellen

    Happy Thanksgiving. I love you guys and what you do. As the mom of rescues I know first hand how amazing they are. They are truly my breed of choice. I for one am truly thankful for the 4 of you and that you invite us in to join your adventures! Xoxo

  6. Karen Olson

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Sheriff and your family. I wish you all blessings. But I think you are already truly blessed with the love of a wonderful family and many friends.
    I love your mission to help other animals and to shine a light on all the terrific rescues and shelters you travel across the country. May your day be filled with lots of peanut butter cookies and pancakes. Stay warm and dry too. Lol e you guys.

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