Nebraska Looks Good On Me

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Do I EVER take a bad picture? Nope, not even from this angle.  Seems like the pupparazi follows me wherever I go.  At least Girl Person pays me in peanut butter cookies.

The best thing I love about this Nebraska place is that it looks soooo good on me!  A camping woman this morning asked Girl Person what kind of dog I was.  Girl Person told her I was a rescue and a mix of many different dogs.  She just nodded and said, well, it looks good on him.  Sure does.  Sure does.

Even Deputy Digby Pancake looks good in this Nebraska light.




It’s not often I give props to my brother from a different mother, but Nebraska has made me a bit nicer.  Hmmm.  Good thing we aren’t staying here past Monday.  A Sheriff can’t get soft.

Before this trip, I would have never thought about coming to Nebraska.  It’s been such a nice surprise, like when I wake up every morning seeing I have grown more handsome than the day before.


This week, we have drove for miles and miles without seeing nothing but wheat fields.  We wonder how the people of Nebraska feel about living here, and what they like best about their state.  Somehow, my Sheriff wisdom tells me that it’s the way they feel when they are here.  The way they feel loving a place because their family has been here for years, or the familiar feel of home.  Maybe it’s the nice people they know, or the drive they always take on the way home.  Either way, we thank Nebraska for having us this week.  We still have much to see this weekend.  So please stick around.  And see how this Nebraska light makes my handsome, well, unbelievable.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “Nebraska Looks Good On Me

  1. Laura Penny

    Been to about 23 different states and I will take Nebraska over all of them. Welcome to Nebraska. I love following you.

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