Drivin’ With Digby In Nebraska

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Is it a nice day to take a drive?  I think every day is a nice day to take a drive with me, don’t you think? Wanna come along for a drive thru camp with me in Nebraska?  Yes, at the end a bee bites my butt.

It’s true.  Not all of us can visit every state in a Big Blue Treat Wagon like me and Sheriff Brickle.  But I hope that you can still enjoy the ride with us.  Are you?  Also, do you have any pancakes?  Girl Person says that you shouldn’t ask too many questions at one time.  Why not? Oh, is that another question? That was too.  Ok, as long as I am asking questions, again, do you have any pancakes?

This Nebraska place has been full of surprises.  Leaves as bright as Fall gets.  Caves where Indians wrote on the walls a long time ago, sunshiney and hikes that are as great as they get.  Coyotes that howl at sunset, flying squirrels at camp and people as nice as I am sweet.  Yesterday, we visited a beautiful place for dogs called Hearts United For Animals that saves dogs from puppy mills and from the floods in places like Louisiana.  Look for our video and article this weekend, because you will love them too.  As much as you like drivin’ with me.

So are you ready for another day in this Nebraska place?  We are ready to see more, to do more, to really see more of what people that call Nebraska “home” love.  Since our only home is the Big Blue Treat Wagon, we are happy to be parked here in this state till Monday.

The people we are meeting all along our journey are making us happy.  Like the campers next to us here who were content to play cards for hours and talk about their day.  Like the couple at camp with a 50 year anniversary party with their family and celebrating love.  Like the man with a dog that wanted to bite us but who loved that dog more than life itself.  Like the people we saw at the local market who had known each other for years.  Life is something to be celebrated every day.  That’s why I show you my drives.  Because you know what?  It’s the little moments in life, the every day moments that make up your life. Your whole life.  Just like this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Thank you Nebraska for making us remember these moments.

Want to take a longer drive? Here ya go!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. What a great blog today, Deputy Digby. Such a sweet pic of you at the top. 🙂 Sounds like Nebraska is a pretty nice place. Have a great time exploring the rest of the time you’re there.

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