What Goes Up Must Come Down.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Well, the day is here.  The day we are leaving this Colorado place to head to the next state on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Here we come Kansas!  Are we going to see Dorothy and the Wizard Of Oz? That is all I know about Kansas. And that Girl Person likes to watch that movie while having lots of snacks.  Which we get to share.  Which makes me like that movie. Which makes me like Kansas, and we aren’t even there yet!

I have heard that what goes up must come down.  Well, we certainly were up high in this Colorado place.  So it is time to go down to Kansas.  That may help Girl Person’s altitude issues.  I hope.  I am getting tired of her keeping me up all night with the heavy breathing and snoring. That’s my job!

We had an absolutely wonderful time in this Colorado place.  You may have noticed that we stayed for a few days longer than most states.  Truth be told, and I always tell the truth on a stack of pancakes, we were tired.  Tired of driving, tired of being alone without our family and friends and tired of hectic schedules.  So the persons decided to spend a few extra days here in the fresh air, with friends that live here and to take a little breather.  I am always down for that. We even got to meet a new friend named Bear and we had a great time.  I hope we see him again soon.



We got to see things that we will always remember.  Like ancient cliff dwellings, the top of mountains and epic hikes.  Epic?  People use that word a lot.  Not so much dogs, but I feel that it fits in this instance.



Not only did we get to see some beautiful things in this Colorado place, but we got to visit a beautiful rescue called Safe Place For Pets who helps in a very special way.  If you missed it, here is the video one more time.


Yesterday, the wind in this Colorado place tried to throw us out of here a bit early.  I hope it does not mess up our driving today, because we have a really, really, really long drive.  We are going to try and make the best of it.  Sheriff Brickle already wants to arrest Boy Person for the trip today, but he is just going to have to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to this Kansas place.  Maybe the Colorado recipe that Girl Person made for us will do the trick to give us all some energy.


So anyway!  Are you ready for our trip to Kansas?!  Is it going to be a fun week?  Can we do this?  You let me know  Because without our fans, we can’t do anything.  And we need some cheering on! We are more than halfway done now.  Let’s do this!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


3 thoughts on “What Goes Up Must Come Down.

  1. Karen Olson

    So happy you a great time on Colorado! Be careful in Kansas that you don’t get caught in a tornado cuz you could in up in Oz. Then Sheriff would have to arrest the wicked witch. Lol….
    Y’all are awesome and I love love following you adventure. I would love to hop in an RV with my pups and my big baby kitty, he thinks he’s a dog by the way and head out on the open road. You have shown so many really cool places to visit that travel plans have gotten much bigger. In the meantime I will sit back and enjoy your incredible journey across the country. Thank you for sharing all the amazing rescues and their unsung heroes.
    Tell Brickle to chill and enjoy the ride to Kansas, y’all need to rest up for your next adventure! Love you! Safe travel as y’all Co tinge on your way.

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