Hey Bear! Wanna Go To A Museum?



This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  And I have a question for my new friend Bear who I just met in this Colorado place.  Hey Bear.  How about we go to a museum today?  I know, this is a every odd question coming from the Deputy.  Usually, I am only interested in pancakes.  And truth be told, I still am only interested in pancakes.  But I hear that after you go to a museum, you get pancakes, and that’s fine by me.  My friend Bear may also like pancakes. All friends of mine must like pancakes.  It is a requirement.

Museum? What kind of museum?  Dogs are allowed in a museum?  Yep, sure are in this Colorado place!  We are somewhere called Manitou Springs.  My toes are not in any springs, yet, it still sounds cool and if they like dogs in museums, well, hey.  Let’s go there!  Wanna come?  I want our new friend Bear to come who I just met a few days ago.  You see, Girl Person’s best friend from childhood lives here with her furkid Bear in this Colorado place and we have been having a blast!  When they heard they could bring us to a museum, they said, hey, let’s do that.  Why not?  Who wouldn’t want to take their dog to a museum I say.

In a museum, everything is already old probably like Sheriff Brickle.  And if you pee on it, which I probably will, well, it’s already in a museum in glass so no harm done there.  What kind of museum are we going to?  We are going to go to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings of ancient people.  I wonder if they had dogs there at that time.  If they did, they probably needed a Sheriff and a Deputy.  Little too late for that I guess.

We get to go inside the museum, the old cliff things and the gift shop I hear.  What should I buy you?  A postcard?  How would I sign it?  Informal like Digby or formal like Deputy Digby?  It’s a hard decision better decided over a plate of pancakes.  Make sure to visit our Facebook page today for our visit…I can’t believe I get to go here!  I love Colorado.  Have I mentioned that yet?  Girl Person says that she wishes she lived near her friend.  I say maybe we should keep that in mind for after the trip.  Who knows where this trip will lead.  And who knows what kind of trouble we are going to get into at this museum.

Let’s do this!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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