Down, Down, Down.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  So. This Colorado place? It is about to get arrested for making Girl Person sick from being so high.  No, no…it’s not what you think.  Even I laughed out loud at that, and that certainly doesn’t happen very often. It seems like Colorado is trying to get us to come down, but no chance, no how.  We love it here and we are going to ride out this altitude sickness, and or ignore it as Girl Person says.

Our Gandpa told us that when football players come here to this Colorado place, it takes them at least three days to get used to the altitude.  Well, news flash.  We are from Florida, we don’t play football, and we only have a week here, so we are just going to have to go with the flow. We don’t have time to give in to being ill.  Girl Person running out of the Big Blue Treat Wagon because she is about to throw up is just part of this journey I suppose.  Girl Person says she could have lived without it. She also could have lived without us trying to pull her down a mountain yesterday to chase a deer.  Point taken.  No apology however.

Sometimes, the best memories we make don’t come easy.  Even though this Colorado place is making us work harder to enjoy it, we ARE enjoying it! The fresh mountain air, the red rocks, the hikes, the beautiful little towns.  All so wonderful.  I have heard that what goes up must come down.  And we will come down, Colorado.  But not till Monday!  So get ready for days more of exploring this wonderful state.  There is so much to see, so much to do.  So many good people doing good things for the animals like the rescue we visited yesterday called Safe Place For Pets who helps terminally ill people find a home for their furkids.  We promise an article and video on that soon…stay tuned.

But until then, let’s really get down to business Colorado.  Your mountains may be high to us Florida folks, but we are here to stay.  At least until Monday.  Let’s keep going and Girl Person?  Well, she says thank you for your concern and she is going to take it easy and maybe.  Just maybe.  Fill that wine glass only half full for a few days.  Yeah, so apparently we won’t be living in Colorado.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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