Driving With Digby In Wyoming


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Thanks for coming with us to Wyoming, we really appreciate it.  There doesn’t seem to be much room in the Big Blue Treat Wagon the last couple of days.  We had such bad wind here yesterday in this Wyoming place.  No one better ever complain about my wind after this.  So we had to shut up the RV and pull in the slide out things so that they didn’t break off.  Yeah, it was that bad.  Girl Person gets grumpy when she doesn’t have her space.  That’s what wine is for.  Anyway.  I have seemed to have went off topic right now.

So anyway.  The wind.  Apparently that is normal for this part of the country, and I have to tell ya.  That is more than enough reason to eat pancakes if you live in this Wyoming place. Otherwise, if you have a skinny butt like Sheriff Brickle, you will most likely blow away.  He has enough hot air that he probably doesn’t even need wind.  Did I say that out loud?

We still had a good day yesterday.  We got to rest and have snacks which was nice.  Then Girl Person drove us to a state park here and we got to take a little hike and drive around.


You’ve been waiting.  Hop right in!

You may have been wondering why my drives haven’t been on the Facebook page lately. I guess it’t not allowed or whatever.  Don’t they know that the Sheriff and Deputy make the rules? Anyway, if you follow us on the Instagram thing, you can still see them and take a ride with me.  So follow us on Instagram.  Or the Sheriff says You. Are. Arrested.  And I agree for once.

Anyway!  Today we are headed out to another part of Wyoming. We are trying our best to outrun the snow, but we will see what happens!  So stay tuned! The Big Blue Treat Wagon will steer us right.  I hope.  I can’t drive that thing by the way. Don’t get any ideas.

-Deputy Digby Pancake


One thought on “Driving With Digby In Wyoming

  1. Karen Olson

    Y’all will be e,parts on the weather by the time your adventures end that’s for sure! Happy you were able to get out for awhile yesterday. Stay safe and enjoy.

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