Don’t You Think?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have a question.  Don’t you think that Wyoming is looking downright good on me?


Even when we are traveling in the Big Blue Treat Wagon and I can’t sleep because these roads are atrocious, I am still looking handsome. Don’t you think?

Even when I have to route our next destination, and I am exhausted, I am still looking way more handsome.  Don’t you think?


Girl Person says that Boy Person says “don’t you think?” after everything he says that he wants her to agree with.  It’s not often an agreement is reached this way, by the way.  Kinda like when she wanted brussels sprouts for dinner last night and Boy Person wanted nachos.  If Digby Pancake could speak person, he would say “I need pancakes with that, don’t you think?” after everything he could say.  “Can I go outside?  I need pancakes with that, don’t you think?”.  “I just rolled in something dead again, I need pancakes with that, don’t you think?”.   Now, I don’t need to say that when I ask you if I am more handsome in Wyoming. I simply already know the answer, I am just trying to get you to think I maybe don’t know this fact as much as I should.  That alone makes me more handsome as well because I am caring in that way.

So.  Time to explore Wyoming today and spread my handsome all around…don’t you think?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle



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