Well, That Solves That!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Girl Person says her nightly treat is wine.  That smelly stuff in a glass that she takes a picture of every night and tells our fans on our Facebook page goodnight.  Why would she want that stuff?  She said that she had to have the good stuff last night after the day we had.  Well, I think it called for a celebration!

We had a great day at the hot springs here in this Wyoming place.  Now, Sheriff Brickle and I would not go near the water.  Hot, smelly….hey! Kinda like me and Brickle! But we had a good time hiking and looking, and especially getting in the red clay mud.  Yeah, it was fun.


We found bison poop and Brickle ate it.  Yep, I just told on him.  He says it is kind of like his breath freshener.  Minty and grassy.  I prefer to roll in it.  So I did that as well, and then jumped in a mud puddle and then stepped in more bison poop.  The persons tried to clean us off before we got in the car, but I tell ya.  We seem to be carrying around about a car load of dog hair and mud anyway, so what’s the big deal? Girl Person said we were going to get a good bath when we got home.  Well, I was not looking forward to that.

We got home, and Boy Person said he had bad news.  Girl Person asked what now?  You see, the last few days have been kind of tiring.  Driving a lot, rain, and cold.  But the last thing the persons expected was for our water pump to blow up.  Yep, no. Water.

Now, hmmmm.  I was thinking to myself this was genius!  No water, no bath!  That solves that!  And it did.  But it doesn’t solve the persons being able to wash dishes or use our bathroom.  So this Big Blue Treat Wagon has turned into a big blue no water wagon.  Yep, the persons are not as happy about it as me and Brickle.  So we are going to help out.

The persons can use the bathroom outside like us and lick their dishes clean like us.  That solves that!  Girl Person told me it is not that simple and this is just apparently another part of the trip presenting a road block.  Well, I say ignore it.  Let’s go exploring, and Sheriff Brickle can arrest the water pump.  Since it is supposed to snow here pretty soon, maybe we can just get a big bucket and melt it.  That solves that!  Oh, well.  No bath? No problem.  I’ll try to see if I can not roll in or eat poop today.  Everyone can do their part.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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