Pennsylvania? You. Are. Arrested.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and we are leaving you today, Pennsylvania. You tried not cooperate during our stay, so, unfortunately, I hate to say it…no, I don’t actually…but. You. Are. Arrested.

Now, first things first, let me butter you up like Deputy Digby’s pancakes. You have some beautiful scenery, mountains, parks and people. We had fun visiting with your shelter called Strayhaven in Greenville. But your rain and humidity made us remember what that Florida place was like, and you about did us in. We had to stay inside a lot, because I can’t handle the heat like I used to, that’s for sure! So in-between the rain, we tried to see as much of you as possible. We know that we missed a lot of places that you have to offer, and hope to be back on another visit. As long as you stop raining, thanks…


Girl Person reminds me that you need the rain, so we just have deal with it knowing that it is good for the animals and plants that live in the Pennsylvania place that you got rain. Ok, I will give her that, but I won’t give her a pass for making my Philly Cheesesteak late last night. Yes, that is what me and Deputy Digby had for dinner, and it was pretty good! If the persons weren’t vegetarians, they would have shared but I guess their Philly lettuce sandwich was just as good…not.


We are appreciating all the memories that we are making together on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We will admit that camping every day is hard, very hard.  Some things we knew would be hard, others have been a learning experience.  But we know that it is our duty and our job to make a difference this year for the animal rescuers across our country who get no recognition for what they do.So on we go today to some place called West Virginia.  The most awesomest things we will remember about this Pennsylvania place which is arrested?  Our train ride.  Our first train ride. And the forest and the parks, and the nice people.  But on we go. I thought we already went to that Virginia place, now we are going to its cousin’s place or something?  I am confused.  I don’t know anything about it, other than I will probably want to arrest it.  And I am so ready.  Pennsylvania? WE thank you again for a great week despite the rain.  Because your beauty was almost…not quite, as good as my corndog tail.  And this corndog tail will be back.


Here we come, West Virginia!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania? You. Are. Arrested.

  1. Barbara Sevrens

    Thanks for sharing penna. With us. Enjoyed all ypur comments and stories. You guys.😃 are awesome and sweet. Have fun in west virginia

  2. Lind Goodsell

    I love the fact you are seeing everyone state I don’t travel seeing the state’s through you I am loving it

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