Welcome To West Virginia!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake and I have the distinct honor of welcoming you to West Virginia!

Yesterday was a really long drive from that Pennsylvania place because wow, was it raining on the roads.  It was only supposed to take us about four hours to get here, but with the rain and winding, winding roads it took forever and a half.

Normally, I would not have minded sleeping on the way, but with all the twisting and turning, it was enough to make me want to jump out of this Big Blue Treat Wagon.  Sheriff Brickle tried to arrest the rain and the roads, but apparently he hadn’t got jurisdiction here yet.  Today he is good and the arresting may continue.  He said that he was too tired to arrest this West Virginia place already because he just had to arrest Pennsylvania.  I think he just wanted me to do the dirty work as always.  Which is why I precisely roll around in so many dead things.  Just in case you needed to know my reason.


But I tell you what.  When we got here, it was like an oasis.  Beautiful countrysides, trails forever, pretty skies and green grass.  We know this year is going to go by so fast and sometimes because we are working so hard, it is hard to remember to stop and appreciate what we are doing, where we are going.  We do not take it for granted.  IMG_4477.JPG

So will you join us for a great week in this West Virginia place?  We hope so.  Tomorrow, we are visiting a great rescue called Homeward Bound.  We cannot wait to meet them.  And we really don’t know what is in store for us this week, but we are open for suggestions from our fans!  If you have a favorite spot you think we need to see or a pancake place, you know the drill, please do let us know on our Facebook page!


-Deputy Digby Pancake


One thought on “Welcome To West Virginia!

  1. Jaime

    A HUGE welcome to West Virginia! Pleased tell me you’re going to be visiting the Charles Town/ Harper’s Ferry historical area in the Eastern Panhandle of the state! There’s nothing better than to look over the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers and the hike up is perfect for the pups!

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