Digby’s Den And Godzilla



This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever loved something so much that it is all you can think about?  Like an all day, all you can eat pancake buffet? Tell me where those are on the map please, thanks. Or like maple syrup with pancakes on top?  Yes, I realize that is how I typed that.  Sometimes I like to switch it up and put pancakes on top of maple syrup.  You should try it.  Anyway, as much as I like traveling, and eating and exploring all of these new states, I have found another thing to love.  My den.  Digby’s den.  Another addendum to this blog, why is the computer always trying to change my name to Rigby?  Auto-correct is incorrect.  Sheriff Brickle says the computer.  Is.  Arrested.  Who is Rigby?!

So.  My point is this, I am circling back to it because a circle is the shape of a pancake.  I prepared a den in the Big Blue Treat Wagon.  It is my space, and I squeeze into it to get away from the Sheriff.  Yes, I know technically it is behind Girl Person’s office, which is a chair, and it may seem uncomfortable to some, but to me? It is my space.  And the persons say have fun.  I only come out when I am ready to eat or sleep in my bed which is pretty much the whole RV.

Yesterday, we had a great time in this Pennsylvania place at a bridge called Kinzua that looked like Godzilla toppled it! But Girl Person said a tornado got it. I say that in fact, it was Godzilla and it is going to give me nightmares which is making me want to go to my den.



When we were on that bridge thing, I got very, very nervous because we were up so high! Which again, made me want to go back to my den.


I mean, I am a history buff and all, and yes, buff in the body department too, but going on this bridge once was good enough for me.  Thanks for the memories Pennsylvania.  Let’s leave it at that.

So I have no point of all this, other then a few things.  One.  I like pancakes.  Two.  I am buff.  Three.  Godzilla ate this bridge.  Four.  I like my den in the RV and I invite you to join me one day.  If you bring some maple syrup and pancakes.

Have a great weekend everyone! We can’t wait to see more of Pennsylvania until we leave on Monday for….West Virginia!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

P.S.  If I am scared of Godzilla, and I am not saying I am, do you think he would try to get in my den and or eat my pancakes?



5 thoughts on “Digby’s Den And Godzilla

  1. Brenda MacDonald

    Don’t worry about Godzilla, buddy, he’s fictional. DO worry about Rigby, cuz he is my daughter’s dog, and he’s a crazy beast!! So full of energy, he jumps all over you!! Ouch!

  2. Chenoa

    I don’ think your pancakes are in danger Digby. According to the movies Gidzilla lives in the ocean sohe probably ears fish.

  3. Karen Olson

    Digby we all need our special spaces where we can go to get away from gorilla and tornados too. I think you will be safe in there with your pancakes and fresh maple syrup. You have a wonderful weekend, all of you. Stay cool cuz it is going to be very hot! Drink plenty of water too.

  4. Nina Merklin

    Digby, you are the best. I understand the den, we all need our space. Here’s to more pancakes and private dens for all!!

  5. Neal

    As you mesmorize over your pancake I’ve been mesmerizing about granola treats! I finished all the treats that came in our barkbox and mom says they’re all sold out!! Do you plan to sell any in your shop? I’m slobbering thinking about the yumminess in each bite!

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