We Will Miss You Maine!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle…and Maine…you are definitely arrested.  Why?  Because we have to leave and I don’t want to.  You are arrested until we can come back.  And I hope it is soon.

I am not speechless very often, but this week really has no words that are appropriate in my book.  To say that this Maine place was beautiful does not do it justice. And I am all about justice.  To say that it was magic really doesn’t fit either, because all of this Maine place, everything…was beyond that.



The water, the scenery, the lighthouse, the mountains, the food.  It was all good. But you are still arrested because I will miss you.  You tried to compete with my beauty…you almost won…


Yes, we are rushing on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, but I have made a note to come back here very soon.  Often, things that are surprises in life are the things that you need most.  Like an unexpected batch of peanut butter cookies.  Maine was that unexpected refuge for us.  Despite the week of getting yelled at by a cat mom, and yelled at by a mean woman trail monster, those are not the things we will remember, although they are totally arrested.  What we will remember is the way we felt when we looked at the ocean, the food we tasted at farms (can anyone say maple milk?!!) and the promise that someday we will be back.



With all that is wrong in our world today, there are many things still right, even in your own backyard if you take a minute to look.  Find an unexpected surprise today and allow it to touch your heart.


We are off to Vermont today!  Will you come with us?

We love you Maine.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

4 thoughts on “We Will Miss You Maine!

  1. Andrea

    Tyvm sheriff brickle. I love this one. And to get to read this on my b-day morning before the day starts was perfect way to start this day. I hope you find new adventures and friends along your way to a new path in your life. We also will be moving soon and to a new start in life. we hope. Lol. Tyvm for all you and your grunts do for us we love your stores and your pic. Makes our day a little brighter everyday. Sending hugs and love from our home to yours
    Princess,patches,andrea,scott,nicole,kayla,jesse, Aidan
    Lab/chow Pit/lab. And our humans here lol

  2. Carol Peterson

    This was your most poetic, beautiful writing to date, Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle! You should consider putting down the badge and picking up the pen, as you are not just handsome, but you are a talented writer, Sheriff Brickle! The photos were gorgeous, too!

  3. Jenny (owned by a husky who also has quite the 'tude)

    I love reading your blog. It brightens my day with both smiles and wisdom. Bless you and your peoples.👍🏼😀🌟

  4. barbara

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Maine is a beautiful state food delicious. Vermont is a beautiful state too. Have fun.

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