Be Kind.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and I have some stuff to say today while we are in this Maine place.

On this trip so far this Adventure Of A Lifetime, we have seen the best and also the worse in people.  And I felt like I needed to write this blog today and address some of the occurrences of the past couple of days.  Yes I need to make some arrests, but one of the arrests is me.

Campgrounds are funny places.  Everyone has a movable house or is sleeping under a sheet or something, and you are very close to other people.  And you have to not bark, and be quiet during certain hours and not set stuff on fire with your campfire.  Rules, rules, rules.  Our persons are very tired due to our hectic schedule, and yesterday, Girl Person was extra tired  She was feeding Deputy Digby Pancake and I outside, al fresco and we were enjoying the cool, Maine air.  Girl Person had noticed that other campers had their cat on a leash outside enjoying the night air too.  But knowing how much I love cats, she didn’t worry about us bothering them. We were busy eating our dinner, we were on leashes as we always are, but Girl Person didn’t have a very tight hold on the leash things.  I don’t know what got into me, but when I saw that cat, all I wanted to do was run to it and scare it.  So I broke free from Girl Person’s hold and ran full steam at the cat.  Well….

The cat’s persons were outside too with some wine and as it happened so fast, Girl Person had no time to think.  She ran after me screaming and then that’s when all heck started.  The cat’s woman wine person started screaming at me to go away at the top of her lungs, yelling all sorts of other things while the cat’s man person scooped it up.  By this time, Girl Person was yanking me away and Digby was howling, not using his inside voice.  And everyone was crazy.  Girl Person apologized over and over, said I loved cats, but it was no excuse for scaring them and she was so very sorry.  The persons were still not happy, and Girl Person said she did not blame them at all.  The woman wine person said she yelled to protect her own and Girl Person said she was sorry again.  Yep, Digby and I were ushered inside without dessert and Girl Person cried for awhile out of embarrassment and for making a mistake with our leashes.  She owed an apology and it was definitely not kind what I did. Needless to say, they left camp this morning.  Girl Person had wanted to apologize again and bring some cat treats, but she will just say sorry to herself once more.  And lesson learned. Not kind on our part.

We tried to forget about that occurrence. And then this morning.  We were on a very beautiful trail.  Girl Person always tries to get us off the trail if other persons or furkids are coming.  She said we take up too much room and not everyone is ok with dogs.  Well, she understands that, but she doesn’t understand meanness towards dogs.

There we were, on the trail and we saw another dog. We tried to say hello, but Girl Person also recognizes not every dog wants to.  So she kept us away, but another hiker on the trail, a mean person monster said that Girl Person better keep us away from her.  Girl Person told me later that she is calm and reserved, but when someone messes with me or Digby, that is IT.  Girl Person first asked her why she would say that.  The mean person monster said that we made awful noises (?) and looked awful too.  Ok.  That was IT.  Again.  Girl Person told her that she must be a very lonely person with an attitude like that and maybe she should think before she says AWLFUL things to people and dogs to ruin their day.  The mean person monster said that Girl Person had no regard for other people by having us on the trail. Well.  Girl Person decided she better just keep walking before I arrest her.  So we did.

However, after the fact, Girl Person said she was wrong in some ways.  She said that she shouldn’t let others ruin her day.  Or bother her. That some people don’t like dogs which is shocking and maybe something happened to them. Maybe the mean person monster was just born mean and there was nothing she could do about it.

My point is this. Why can’t everyone just be kind?  Think before you speak.  Before you run after that cat.  Before you hurt someone.  Treat others how you wish to be treated. It is THAT simple. Be. Kind.  And Girl Person says she has to work on that too.  We all do.  And she should have handled it better.  Because after the mean person monster walked away, some other hikers told her how cute we were. And Girl Person started crying and told them thank you from her heart for being nice.  And that made our day.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

6 thoughts on “Be Kind.

  1. Margaret

    Sorry for your bad day.:( I know it’s hard to be good dogs all the time and a cat here or there is very tempting and just something you want to do. But you are good dogs most of the time and I hope you don’t meet anymore mean people! You are on a trip of a lifetime to educate people so please don’t get discouraged! Give Girl Person lots of hugs and kisses, as it seems that she really really needs that right now.
    PS I hope you never stop writing your daily blog as my Mom and I look forward to it every day.
    Teddy, the Yorkie

  2. Sandra

    Girl person… I know how you feel. I have three dogs that can be very noisy some times. They are small yappy dogs, and you know how they can get. And sometimes other people get upset. I try to explain that they are very protective of me until they can make sure no one will try to hurt me. But my dogs are my joy in life. So I hush them (or try to) and move on. And I try to remember not everyone likes little yappy dogs. (Even if they think all cats want to play with them.)

  3. Girl person…every one has a day once in awhile, you have 2 beautiful dogs…your dog’s were just curious..didn’t mean no harm. Cheer up honey and smile . You guys are doing a great job!

  4. Patricia

    We get this same thing right in our neighborhood from non dog lovers . Sad! Really we have seen this from people who don’t like children too. We all have the right to public places. Fact! If people are not friendly it is their problem. Yes effort to rules are necessary and should be followed but respect for accidents since no one is perfect is a need. Kindness and respect that we are humans trying our best to lead happy lives… All of us!

  5. Karen Olson

    I am so sorry to hear about you unhappy experiences. I think GP is right some people are born mean and are very unhappy themselves so they want to make other people just as miserable. I am happy you met some nice people too. I know that good experience helped to turn you day around.
    But ,guys please don’t chase any more cats, or animals. I’m glad you understand too. Not cool. I don’t want to hear you get kick out or are arrested. Enjoy the rest of your stay in beautiful Maine! Love you all..

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