Happiness Overload


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And it’s not very often that I will say this.  But.  We have happiness overload!  Don’t get upset, I still am arresting things and you.  That brings me happiness as well…but this Maine place has given us the happiness overload.

Ever since we moved back to the Florida place from the California place, Girl Person missed our hikes amongst beautiful scenery. Guess she didn’t want to carry a mirror with her everywhere we went to get my reflection.  Oh well.  Over four years passed by and Girl Person thought we may never get to hike in the mountains again.  And then yesterday happened.  And her happiness overload came.  I guess happiness overload also means tears flowing which I don’t get.

There we were, in this Maine place, at a hike I will never forget.  Not just for the scenery, but the way that it made us all feel.  Here we were.  Having traveled for almost three months now.  To over a dozen states together.  And we have seen things that people only dream about.  We do not take one moment for granted although it is hard work. And a moment like this made everything worth it.

Sometimes it takes something so breathtaking like me and my corn dog tail, and yes, also this Maine place to make you remember what life is truly about.  It’s about real things.  Real mountains, real lakes, real people, real food.  Not our phones (don’t ask for my number), not our computers, not that TV thing either.  Life with happiness overload truly means stopping and looking at what is in front of us.  And unless you do that today, you know what is going to happen.  You. Are.  Arrested.

Thank you Maine for helping us remember our happiness.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


5 thoughts on “Happiness Overload

  1. Brenda MacDonald

    Maine is breathtaking!! But remember, Girl Person, winter also comes to Maine….and I don’t want to be there when it happens!!! Happy, happy day!!!

  2. Karen Olso

    You are one wise pup, I mean sheriff! In this hectic life we all lead these days it is could that you are reminding us of what is truly important. Thank you.

  3. Nina Merklin

    Sheriff, thank you for the words of wisdom!!! As usual, you prove that dogs are God’s best creation

  4. Patricia

    Beautiful writing. Have done FL CA and Maine and sure agree. CA and Maine bring deep was into your ❤️ Different but same 🐾❤️‼️Enjoy The Peace

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